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General News Google Photos update brings electronic stabilization for videos, new photo editing..
Google Photos update brings electronic stabilization for videos, new photo editing tools: Here’s how to use them

[Image: google-photos-bgr-stock.jpg]

Google Photos is one of the more interesting apps available on Android and iOS devices. It’s a multi-purpose app that serves as a gallery, lets you organize your photos and videos, and also lets you edit them. Now, the Android version of the app has been updated with interesting features, such as new photo editing tools, electronic stabilization for videos, and more.

The Google Photos app already lets you edit your photos — crop, change orientation, add filters, tweak brightness, contrast, add tint, create a collage of photos, or videos. Now, in the latest update, Google has added a new set of dynamic filters using which you can quickly enhance your photos with one tap. The app also comes with advanced editing tools that allow you to tweak color, lighting and more. Let’s look at these editing tools and how you can enhance your photos and videos.

How to add use Deep Blue filter in Google Photos
There are times when we want to capture a perfect scene, be it the deep blue sea or the clear blue skies. However, the camera sensor on most smartphones aren’t able to capture the accurate color and scenes, as visible to the human eye. Now, one of the innovative additions that come as a part of this update is the Deep Blue slider, using which you can add color to water and sky.

I’ve recently been to Hong Kong and China, and as my usual drill, I like capturing photos of clear blue skies, the horizon, the sea 35,000 feet below and more. The photos that I captured using my HTC One M8 weren’t punchy enough and I always felt the need of having a better camera phone. But now with the Google Photos update, I revisited the photos I had captured, and added some effects. Now, they look much better than before.

[Image: google-photos-filters.jpg]

Adding these effects is a fairly simple process. Open Google Photos, select the photo you want to edit, and tap on the edit button (pencil-like icon) second on the bottom left. Now, along the bottom half, you have a strip full of filters — auto, west, palma, metro, eiffel, blush, reel and more. Even after adding a certain filter, you can still make finer adjustments to the photos by tapping on the settings icon below.

And for photos where you want to add ‘Deep Blue’ filter, just open the photo, tap on edit option, followed by settings and under color, you have the deep blue slider at the bottom. Just move the slider to the right to add the color, or to the left to minimize the intensity.

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