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General News Google Rolls Out New Photo Service
Google seems to be on a product launching spree, as it launched a new photo service known as Photovine. The service was developed by a company named Slide, which was acquired by Google in 2010 for an estimated $228 million.

[Image: mie4hc.png]
Photovine Home Page

The home page of Photovine has nothing but a few links and an image of the application in action. Just like Google+, you can become a member by invitation only. The tagline below the logo states, "plant a photo, watch it grow". There is not much information beyond this on either the home page, other than a video demonstrating Photovine.

Take a look at the official Photovine video below:

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Contrary to expectations, a photo of Photovine in action on the iPhone 4 is shown on the site, rather than on an Android phone, though we will not be surprised to see it spring up on the Android Market.

[Image: vsdnrc.png]
Photovine on the App Store

Photovine is currently available on the App Store for free under the Social Networking category, though it is mentioned over there that the seller is Slide, Inc, with no mention of Google anywhere. On the main page of the app, Photovine is defined as "Pho-to-vine noun: a set of photos, connected by a single caption, contributed by you, your friends, and people all around the world". This is the perfect definition for the app. It'll be interesting find out in a few days where Google is heading with this new app in its arsenal.

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