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General News How to create lists of your favorite places on Google Maps & share with your friends

Google recently added an interesting new feature to Maps, which will let you unleash your inner travel guide. Called Lists, the feature is available on both Android and iOS smartphones. With Google Maps Lists, you can curate a list places to visit, good restaurants to eat at, and more. You can even share this list with your friends or make it public so everyone can view it.

“With the millions of landmarks, businesses and other points of interest in Google Maps, there’s no shortage of places to try. Now that we’ve got the world mapped, it’s your turn to map your world with Lists—from local hotspots to bucket list destinations worlds away,” Google said in a blog post. A similar option did exist earlier, but one could only add a ‘star’ to places on Google Maps. And there was no option to organize the information or share with others. With the new feature, creating a list and sharing recommendations have become easier. The lists feature can also be used as a bucket list of destinations you would want to visit on your next trip.

I’ve been to Goa a number of times and there are two places that I always visit – Curlies and Palolem Beach. One of my best friends is going to Goa for the very first time, and I don’t want him to miss visiting those places. Now, I can create a list and send it via a text message, email or write it down on a paper and had it over. But sharing it via Google Maps Lists has an advantage of its own.

One – it’s one of the easiest options; secondly, I can keep adding to the list, in case I happened to miss out on something. Third, as the destinations are available on Google Maps, the recipient can easily check the distance and navigation route to decide how to get there. Let’s take a look at how to use it.

How to create a list of places on Google Maps
Open Google Maps, enter the place that you want to add on the top search bar and hit enter. Next, tap on the bottom, just besides the name of the place. Along with details such as — name of the place, ratings, address and contact details (in case of restaurant or shop), you also have an option called ‘save.’

Upon tapping on save, you will see the default lists, and the ones you created. You have to do the same for every place you wish to add. You can even create a new list; the option for the same is available at the bottom when you add a place to the list.

To access your lists, open Google Maps, tap on the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the search bar. Next, tap on your places, and then on the second tab – called saved.

How to edit privacy settings, share lists with friends and delete
Navigate to lists in your saved places and tap on the three dots on the right. You will have a few options here – hide on map, edit list (to add or remove a place), share (privacy settings) and delete list.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the private list has a lock icon and it is something that can only be viewed by you. The shared list has a link icon, and it will only be accessible to people with whom you share your lists. Lastly, there is a globe icon, which represents that the list is public and anyone can view it.

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