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General News How to make your phone more useful & effective
The easiest way to change the look of your phone is to use a custom case -there are thousands of designs available like superheroes to funny quotes.

Set Your Own Ringtones

You've probably noticed that most people don't change the default ringtone on their phone. Even if the tones are changed, people stick to the default set of tones that come with the phone. This can lead to confusion when you're in a group if others have a similar ringtone -ever seen five people pulling out their phone when one of them rings? For Android users it is easy to set a custom tone as they can select any audio file that is saved on the device. Just head to Settings > sounds > ringtone and from there you can just import any audio file and set it as ringtone. For iOS users, it's a bit more difficult. You will first have to import the song from iTunes to your phone, then open it in Garageband (not all formats and files can be imported).From the Garageband app, you can edit the length of the song and then export the edited audio clip into My Songs.Once saved, you need to share the audio clip and in the pop-up menu you will see the option to set as ringtone.

A Physical Overhaul

The easiest way to change the look of your phone is to use a custom case -there are thousands of designs available ranging from superheroes to funny quotes to patterns. If you don't like putting a case (because it makes the phone thicker, adds weight and so on), you can get a skin. A skin is nothing but a sticker that can be applied to the front and back. You can get various designs and even different textures (bamboo, carbon fiber) that feel like the real thing. To really stand out from the crowd, you can even get a customised case with your choice of image. There are various services that offer custom cases and skins now -we recommend checking out and Both of them offer excellent quality products with quick delivery in major cities. However, make sure that you choose a high-resolution image for best results.


Android has always had nearly limitless customisation features and you've probably tried out some free launchers out there (our favourite is Nova). Themes are another way to customise Android and many phones have a theme engine built in (or you can just download themes). But what else?

Icon Packs

You can download entire icon packs with hundreds of even thousands of replacement icons built in. Typically, they will have replacement icons for all the popular apps that you use. Some of the excellent free icon packs we recommend are Sunshine, Belle UI, Polycon and Glim Lite. You can just open the app and overhaul all the icons on your phone. To individually change icons, you can long press on the icon and tap edit -select the icon image and it should give you the option to swap the icon using one of the packs. If your stock launcher does not allow icon changes, you can get Nova Launcher to do this.

More Useful Lockscreens

You can't change the lockscreen on iOS but for Android, there really is no limit. Some of our favourite lockscreen replacements include Next Lock Screen & Picturesque Lockscreen by Microsoft -there's loads of customisation possible and you can go from minimal to packed with notifications, calendar events, app icons and weather. AcDisplay gives you a minimal lockscreen with small notifications -tapping on them lets you open directly from lockscreen. Hi Locker lets you change the lockscreen style (you can even set iOS style) while Locker Master lets you go the DIY route and change everything about the lockscreen.

Touch-Free Notifications

An app called Glance Plus lets you use your phone's proximity sensor to show you notifications on the lockscreen -with a wave of your hand. You should have Android 4.3 or newer and the all-important proximity sensor. You can get it to activate when you wave your hand or when you pull it out of a pocket.Note that for this to work, you need to give the app access to all your notifications and it does not work perfectly on all Android phones.

Text Search Your Phone

A free app called Andro Search indexes your entire phone so that you can find stuff easily. It's more useful if you've been collecting loads of documents, contacts and apps on your phone over the years. After indexing is complete, you can launch the app and start typing to see instant results. You can even search the web from within the app.

[Image: How_to_make_your_phone_more_useful_effective.png]

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