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General News How to stop WhatsApp images and videos from getting stored in phone memory?
WhatsApp is used by billions of users all around the world. The chat application has gained a lot users over the past few years and the number is still growing as more and more users get a smartphone.

For the new users or even existing ones, if you are facing a problem where WhatsApp downloads every single Video and Photo which you receive, there's a process to stop that. We are going to get you through the process with the help of this article.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp, click on the 3 dots on the top-right corner and then click on 'Settings'.

Step 2: Then, go to 'Storage and Usage'.

[Image: 0001-11998167619_20201013_154024_0000.jpg]

Step 3: Here you will see a Media Auto-download section. Here, you will see 3 options. Under the 'When using mobile data' option, you will see options stating Photos, Videos, Documents and Audio.

[Image: 0001-11998183202_20201013_154055_0000.jpg]

Step 4: Now you can check those options which you want that WhatsApp should download automatically when you are connected to Mobile Data and not Wi-Fi. You can un-check those which don't want WhatsApp to download over mobile data.

Step 5: You can do the same for the scenario when you are connected to Wi-Fi and not mobile data.

Step 6: By doing this, you can stop WhatsApp from saving photos and videos automatically to your device storage and download only those files which you want specifically.

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