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General News How to use DigiLocker app for uploading your driving license etc to your smartphone
How to use DigiLocker app for uploading your driving license, vehicle registration certificate to your smartphone

A year ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled online locker facility called DigiLocker as a part of the ambitious Digital India project. It’s an Android app that lets users save government-issued documents such as PAN card, Aadhar Card and more. Earlier today, the government has announced that it will allow users to upload their driving license and vehicle registration papers on DigiLocker, the secure digital cloud storage platform. The digital copies of the uploaded documents will be accepted as valid by the traffic police and also by other law enforcement agencies. The officials will also have an app to verify the legitimacy of your documents. This move eliminates the need of carrying the original documents all the time.

As of now, the app is only available for Android and there is no word on whether the government intends to bring it to iOS. To avail the benefits of online digital locker, you’ll have to download the DigiLocker app on your Android smartphone or tablet. As a part of registration process, you’ll have to link your mobile phone number to use the service. The app also offers you with 1GB of cloud storage space, allowing you to store all your documents — be it college certificates, property documents, soft copy of your passport, and more. It will allow for easy storage, retrieval and verification of certificates as and when required. Now, let’s take a look at how to use the DigiLocker app.

How to register and setup DigiLocker app

Step One: The setup process is pretty simple. Download the ‘DigiLocker’ app from the Play Store and open it after installation is complete.

Step Two: You’ll see two options on the welcome screen – Sign In and Sign Up. If you have already created an account, click on Sign In and login with your credentials. However, if you’re using it for the first time, click on Sign Up.

Step Three: You’ll have to enter your mobile number after which an OTP will be sent for verification. Once OTP verification is done, the app will ask you to create a user name and password for accessing the app.

Step Four: In the next step, you’ll also have to link your Aadhar number for accessing the DigiLocker service. Tap on ‘Link Aadhar’ tab at the bottom right corner, enter your 12-digit Aadhar number and tap on continue. Once again the OTP will be sent to confirm your mobile number to complete the verification process. That’s it; you can now start using the DigiLocker service to store all your documents safely and securely.

DigiLocker: App interface and working
The app interface is plain boring and simple. On the top left corner, you have the hamburger menu to access options such as upload documents, look for issued documents, profile, Scan QR code and logout. The top right corner has quick buttons for uploading documents, creating a folder and to refresh account / sort folders.

The center of the interface shows all your folders and uploaded files. However, I’d like to highlight the fact that the app is in beta phase and filled with bugs. It took me three attempts to create two folders, with each time the app throwing an error – unable to create folder. Also, once the folder was created, it wasn’t showing up on the home screen, until I logged out of the app and signed in again. However, considering that the app is in beta, issues are bound to be there, and we can only expect to get them fixed over the coming updates.

Sadly, the app does not come with a dedicated camera interface to let you click photos and upload them. To upload copies of your driving license, PAN card, passport, school and college certificates, you will have to click photos from the camera app and upload them from the gallery.

Upon clicking the upload icon, it will prompt two options – files or content from other apps. Clicking on files will open the file manager, after which you can navigate to the DCIM folder and pick files to upload. Content from other apps options opens the Gallery, letting you directly choose from camera photos, or screenshots folder. I did try uploading photos but it repeatedly failed for more than five times, before finally getting uploaded.

Final words
The DigiLocker app is a part of India’s Digital India push, which could soon do away with the need of carrying the physical documents all the time. In the longer run, it can also help the government agencies and other departments to avoid paper wastage and time required for attesting documents. With growing number of people using smartphones in India, it remains to be seen if DigiLocker can get a wider acceptance.

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Good info...
I have tried but the app even doesnt verify teh Mobile number...
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