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General News Onida 32HMS LED TV

[Image: 113597_front.jpg]

The TV is fairly slim with a completely flat front, thanks to the toughened glass covering. This extends a bit over the actual bezel to give it some show. The pattern on the clear transparent part may not appeal to everyone, and I personally would have preferred it plain with maybe a hint of color towards the edges. The stand looks unique and attractive and that's sure to draw attention.

Here's a profile of the TV

[Image: 113597_rear.jpg] [Image: 113597_ports.jpg]


[Image: 113597_bundle.jpg]


HD HQV Benchmark

For our tests we set the color mode to Normal. The HQV score was 72 out of 100 points, which is good. The area where it mainly lost was in the Noise Reduction test where it simply wasn't able to remove the noise satisfactorily. It even lost points in the Film Resolution loss test where there was noticeable Moire pattern in the stadium seats. Other than this, the TV is capable of displaying very good colors (albeit a bit oversaturated using the default color modes) with good blacks. There wasn't any major backlight bleeding either despite being an Edge-lit LED LCD.

General and Multimedia Performance

[Image: 113597_menu.jpg]

We first tried watching some cable TV through our set-top box. Being a 32-incher the picture wasn't too bad with little pixilation. The menu system is very easy to operate even for a novice user and the buttons on the remote respond well. Along with the standard color options, there are options for Noise Reduction, Flesh Tone, Dynamic Contrast in the Advanced menu. There isn't any Eco mode however. In a fully lit room, reflections are still a problem when a dark image or scene is displayed. This is due to the glass panel on the screen.

The TV has various sound modes including an equalizer and a Surround sound option. The sound is certainly loud enough for a medium sized room. The clarity of the sound is just about average and even fiddling with the equalizer didn't improve it a great deal.

USB Playback

[Image: 113597_usb.jpg]

We plugged in our test 500GB portable drive to test HD movie playback. The TV reads the drive almost instantly and lets you browse the files and folders without any lag or delay. The default picture modes are really bad since they introduce a lot of noise in the picture with over saturated colors. However, once we turned down the sharpness level and toned down the color and saturation, things were a lot better. The noise disappeared completely and 720p and 1080p movies looked crisp and vivid colors.

[Image: 113597_usb1.jpg]

1080p plays smoothly without a hitch with no audio/video sync issues. There is a small glitch though while playing back any movie through USB; if you change the sound mode then the picture starts pixelating, which lasts for about five seconds. Perhaps a new firmware should fix that. One major feature that's lacking is the ability to skip to the next file in the list. There are only buttons for Fast forward and Rewind, but nothing to skip to the next file directly. Instead, you'll have to go back to the main menu to do that, which is unnecessary.

Pricing and Verdict

The Onida Svelte 32HMS LED LCD TV come with an MRP of Rs. 45,990, but you should be able to find it in stores for around Rs. 43,990. This is quite an aggressive pricing from Onida given the feature set and performance of the TV, but we still feel the price is a bit high and here's why.

* These are the accessories that come with the TV
* Instruction booklet
* Remote
* Batteries
* Mounting bracket with screws
* USB extension cable

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Congratulations on your new purchase -Onida LCD TV..!!!!!
Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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(11-30-2010, 10:11 AM)nairrk Wrote: Congratulations on your new purchase -Onida LCD TV..!!!!!

Thanx Mr.Nair ,one correction its not LCD but its LED FULL HD .
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okay - you mentioned it as LED LCD. So, I thought it may be LED backlight with LCD technology (the difference is like HD ready and FULL HD!!).
How many HDMI port, the tv has got? (from the picture seems you have connected one HDMI(or is that power cable?) and one component(DVD/reciever?)...
Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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1 HDMI to TATASKY HD STB , For DVD Componant, TV Has got 2 HDMI ports 1 componant and 2 AV ports.
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