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General News Reliance Jio tops TRAI’s latest speed test results
[Image: reliance-jio-myjio-app.jpg]

After a recent speed test result released by Ookla, which rated Airtel as the ‘Fastest Mobile Network for 2016’, a new result by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has the figures for 2017, and it shows Reliance Jio ahead of all its competitors. TRAI’s data covers the period between December 2016 and February 2017.

Looking at Airtel, Idea, Reliance Jio and Vodafone and the speed test results of the networks’ 4G connectivity results across India, Reliance Jio saw a V graph, with it being the highest (close to 18Mbps) in December 2016, and then in a month, till January 2016, it saw a constant dip to become the slowest in the month. However, from January 2017 onwards, the network picked up pace again, and on 31 January 2017, it was again the fastest among all its competitors, with a recorded speed of 17.427Mbps.

On the other hand, in the same graph, Airtel’s tracks are a wide obtuse angle. From being recorded at 5Mbps speed in December 2016, the network’s 4G speed graph slowly went up, with being faster than Reliance Jio in the beginning of January 2017. At the same point, while Jio can be seen somewhere around 7Mbps, Airtel’s 4G speed is marked a little over 11Mbps. However by January 31, where Jio’s speed graph was seen up to over 17Mbps, Airtel’s dipped lower than 11Mbps.

In the same time period, while Idea’s 4G speed can be seen only increasing from about 4Mbps in December 2016 to close to 12Mbps in by January 31, 2017, Vodafone saw a downward graph in its 4G speed.

[Image: jio-trai-speedtest.jpg]

Additionally, TRAI also released its result, which lists the top three networks in terms of network speed. It has given out result as studied across the country, and in a few metropolitans in particular. Talking about the nationwide result, according to TRAI’s speed test result, Reliance Jio topped all its competitors, with a speed of 16.3Mbps (calculated with over one million users), Vodafone ranks in second with a speed of 6.5Mbps (testing with over 20,000 users), and third comes Idea, with an overall speed of 5.76Mbps (tested with over 75,000 users).

[Image: jio-speed-india.jpg]

[Image: jio-comparison-graph.jpg]

As for cities in particular, in Mumbai Reliance Jio showed fastest 4G speeds with a recording of 22.97Mbps, Airtel was half of Jio’s speed in the city at 11Mbps, and Vodafone ranked third with a speed of 5.63Mbps. In Delhi, Jio’s speed has been the fastest, but lower as compared to its 4G performance in Mumbai. Jio ranks first in Delhi with a 4G speed of 13.53Mbps, Airtel second with 7.47Mbps, and Vodafone at 3.77Mbps.

[Image: jio-speed-mumbai.jpg]

[Image: jio-speed-delhi.jpg]

Coming back to Ookla’s speed test, Bharti Airtel was rated the ‘Fastest Mobile Network for 2016′. Ookla’s findings were based on analysis of millions of internet speed tests logged on ‘modern devices’ by mobile customers across the country using Ookla’s popular Speedtest app. In fact, the last speed tests published by the telecom regulatory TRAI also rated Airtel as the fastest 4G network in India. TRAI’s Myspeed portal suggested that Reliance Jio 4G speeds were among slowest in the country. The TRAI data, which was released in October 2016, revealed that Airtel offered the maximum average 4G download speed at 11.4Mbps whereas Jio was at the fifth with an average speed of 6.2Mbps.

Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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