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General News Snapchat rebrands itself as Snap Inc and launches Spectacles camera
Snapchat just rebranded itself as Snap Inc. The announcement was made to differentiate the company from its products. Snapchat, the application, continues to be called Snapchat.
We’re now a part of @Snap !

Snap also announced a new wearable gadget called spectacles. These are sunglasses with integrated cameras, with a button that takes Memories.

Introducing Spectacles!

The Spectacles take circular videos from your point of view. The videos can be viewed in any orientation, either vertically or horizontally. The videos play on without rotation according to the orientation of the phone, and people can view videos even diagonally if they want to.

A button can be tapped to take a 10 second video, that is instantly transmitted wirelessly to Snapchat, where it appears as a Memory. The specs charge in their charging case, and can be used for a whole day on a single charge. Snap claims the Spectacles use one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world.

When Snaps are being taken, an LED light ring glows to show that a video is being recorded. The camera has a field of view of a hundred and fifteen degrees. They are available in blue, red and black, with highlights in the iconic Snapchat yellow.

The glasses work only with Snapchat, and are expected to land in the market soon. Snap Inc has also indicated that they will be developing more products in the future.

Snapchat had indicated its intentions of getting into hardware when it joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, an industry body that maintains the wireless Bluetooth standard. There were speculations that Snapchat would be creating an Augmented Reality Headset.
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