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General News TRAI’s MySpeed app review: Impressive initiative, but bug-ridden

Earlier this week, the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) launched a new app called MySpeed, which lets users check their internet speeds in real-time. The functionality is similar to what you get with Ookla’s popular app. There is however one big difference between the two apps. Where the app lets you share the network speeds on social media, the MySpeed app lets you share the results directly with TRAI. We spent some time with the new app, and here’s our review.

MySpeed’s interface is minimalist to say the least, with a pink-ish theme and no pesky ads to mar the experience. The home screen shows your ISP in bold letters and a begin test button underneath. A tab at the bottom consists of four buttons for the home screen, results page, your last test result and settings.

On clicking the begin test button, you see the familiar speed-o-meter that shows a graphical representation of your network speed. This is where we encountered our first problem. The speed-o-meter and the digital counter are not in sync. During the test while the digital counter showed speeds above 10 Mbps, the needle on the speed-o-meter was somewhere around 8 Mbps and playing catch up. In comparison, the speed-o-meter on the Ookla app is smooth, and there is no lag between the analog and digital counters.

Now we come to the main issue that we have with TRAI’s new app. The results are inconsistent at best, and you’ll be lucky to get the same results between tests. While the test results on the MySpeed app are close enough to what you get on Ookla, the overall experience is marred by the bugs. During one test, while the MySpeed app was able to calculate the download speed correctly, it showed the upload speed at zero Mbps. A test on Ookla showed similar download speeds and an average Upload speed as well.

While the speed test is marred by bugs in the current version of the app, there is one feature that gives it massive advantage over the app. TRAI’s idea behind the app was to keep a track of the data speeds available to users in a particular location. On the test results page, there is a ‘Send to TRAI’ button, which can be used to send the speed data to TRAI’s Analytics Portal.

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma recently said that the regulatory plans to issue a consultation paper to fix the quality of service benchmark for wireless data. The data used for this project will be derived from the MySpeed app. It remains to be seen how TRAI will use the data, especially since the app currently is riddled with bugs. For now, Ookla’s app still remains the best app to test your internet speeds.

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