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General News Technology and After: Time to Reread your ABCs

From their first breath to their first words, children these days are exposed to technology like never before. And with new parents unreservedly sharing minute details of their tots — their firsts, saccharine moments, et al, it only makes it more emphatic that technology has crept in and is here to stay.

Long-gone are days when the purchase of the littlest gadget called for a mini celebration at home. Now, it is expected of households — notwithstanding their fiscal status — to possess elementary devices at least.

Your one-year-old tot in all probability knows how to unlock the smartest phones. And the oldest member of your family perhaps owns a cell phone of their own. From the youngest to the oldest, everybody is aware of the powers of social media, and the certain desire to stay virtually connected with people you probably will never physically cross paths with. It is slightly unsettling, when you begin wondering about the dependency; the fact that humanity has mastered the art of enslaving itself to its own creations.

The great Albert Einstein may have foreshadowed this, for he had said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”.

But when in Rome, we must do as the Romans. So, we have to keep up with the new-age technology and draft a novel classroom lexicon for generations to come. It is time to upgrade and teach kids a new. Are we ready?

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