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General News What are the advantages of MS-DOS
MS-DOS a.k.a Microsoft Disk Operating System is a computer operating system by the Redmond giant Microsoft Corporation. This was used as main OS before Windows OS came out and still is in some places today. In fact, the MS-DOS was the framework behind Windows operating systems until Windows XP.

[Image: what-are-the-advantages-of-ms-dos-18-1510997765.jpg]

Unlike other Windows OS, MS-DOS is a text-based operating system, that works with a keyboard to input data and receives output in plain text. Today, we have jotted down some of the advantages of MS-DOS that you should know.

1. You can have easy direct access to the BIOS calls and the underlying hardware.

2. This will run on smaller systems, and due to its size, it will "boot" much faster than any windows version.

3. MS-DOS is very lightweight and it allows direct access to most hardware. However, it does not have the overhead of a multitasking operating system.

4. Moreover, MS-DOS is good for making workarounds, for combining programs, and for managing/administering an MS system.

When it comes to disadvantage

1. Talking about the disadvantage, there is No multi-tasking supported by the OS.

2. It also has difficult memory access when addressing more than 640 MB of RAM.

3. You may need to manage the interrupt levels for hardware yourself, automatic IRQ ordering is not supported by the OS.

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