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General News What women watch on TV during weekends
MUMBAI: Fiction, movies and news form the three main pillars of content consumption for women in urban, rural and mega cities during weekends, reveals BARC India’s research on the content consumption behaviour of women in India. 

For women, movie consumption on weekends is higher than on weekdays. Advertisers could target not only women but also other family members watching weekend movies on television. 

Movies as content theme could fetch a better result among women from lower social grades as compared to upper social grades, the BARC study said. 

Reality content is also big on weekends. The potential time band for advertisers to catch viewers for such type of content is 7-10 pm. 

For targeting women from South India on weekends, advertisers should look at movies, talk shows and reality content. 

While fiction rules the roost for women on weekdays, the weekends show a slightly different viewing behaviour. 

As per BARC India data for females 15+ (Weeks 1-16), there is some elasticity between news and fiction content during weekends.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png]

During 10-1 pm slot, the share of viewership for news drops to almost half of the previous day part, whereas fiction series double up across urban, rural and mega cities. 

Women prefer watching movies during weekends more than weekdays. This, according to BARC, substantiates that watching a movie with family on weekends is preferred more than watching a movie during noon time on weekdays.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png]

The viewership pie for kids does not differ significantly between weekdays and weekends in urban, rural and mega cities. 

Women prefer to watch talk shows during late primetime hours, whereas during weekdays there is hardly any movement observed during same time-band. Women may be the secondary viewers to their male partners/family members. 

Analysis of various time bands 

7-10 am band 

The research states that the viewership of urban women is driven by share of news whereas the viewership of rural women is driven by the share of fiction series. 

Programme themes ‘kids’ and ‘movies’ are other differentiators between urban and rural women as both these themes are higher in viewership share in rural India than in urban India.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png]

10 am-1 pm 

As day progresses, Indian women in rural, urban and mega cities double their viewership share of fiction series and drop almost half of their news viewership share compared to previous day part. 

The major difference between a typical weekday and weekend is the viewership share of movies, which is almost double during weekends compared to weekdays across urban, rural and mega cities.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png]

1-4 pm band 

During this day part, the share of ‘Music’ and ‘Kids’ goes down, whereas ‘Movies’ stays at almost the same share as previous day part for urban, rural and mega cities. 

However, the share of movies during weekends is significantly higher than weekdays.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png]

4-7 pm band 

This early evening day part witnesses the growth in ‘Series – Fiction’ and ‘News’, whereas the share of movies goes down. This may be due to the fact that during this time band the evening household chores start and longer duration content such as movies is difficult for uninterrupted viewership. 

7-10 pm band 

During this day part, ‘Fiction series’ goes up significantly whereas all other major content themes go down across urban, rural and mega cities. 

10-10.30 pm 

Analysing this late primetime hours reveals that ‘Series – Non Fiction’, ‘New and ‘Talk show’ see a visible increase in their share across urban, rural and mega cities. On the other hand, ‘Fiction Series’ see a drop in their viewership pie. 

HSM vs South 

One of the visible differences between weekends in Hindi-speaking market (HSM) vs weekends in South is the share of ‘Non-Fiction series’. Women in HSM prefer to watch non-fiction at late night time band as against women from HSM who prefer it during early morning time band.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png]

Movies, talk shows and reality are being preferred more by women from southern market as compared to HSM market.

[Image: What_women_watch_on_TV_during_weekends_Televis.png] |
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