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Get BEST Bus Routes on Your Mobile Phone
<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px;" src=""/>Mobile 4 Mumbai, a Mumbai-based mobile application developer group is in the process of launching a BEST bus guide for mobile phones.

Raxit Sheth, co-founder has announced the availability of beta version to various technology groups in the country.

More than 42 lakh people use BEST buses everyday and this app will help commuters search bus route information on right on their cellphones.

The application does not require GPRS nor will users have to send an SMS. Mobile 4 Mumbai can work on any Java enabled phone

Pre-Launch features

* No need to send and spend on SMS!
* No GPRS (Internet on mobile)
* User friendly
* Search bus within 10 key strokes! In less than 10 seconds
* Works on Mobile Phone of Rs. 3000/- also (j2me compatible!)
* Better than the BEST ! Get all names of small bus stops which are not available even on BEST official website !!!
* Simpler than Google,Yahoo,Rediff Maps if you are travelling using Bus !

Some more info on Mumbai Bus

* Daily more than 42,00,000 (42 lakh) people are travelling using Mumbai Bus !!!
* Many times people will take wrong bus
* After getting into wrong bus in peak hours, they will try to get down !
* Many times people keep asking at bus stop, which bus he/she should take to go to XYZ place
* Some (not all) visitors to mumbai, are travelling using booklet
* All these, only because people are not having bus information on Mobile, when they need it !
Details of downloding
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