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Google Adsense Account approval tricks and tips
Google Adsense is a online advertising program for online publishers who have there own websites. If we have our own website then very easy to get Google Adsense Account approval. Google also allows partners or contributory Adsense account, For this type of account Google is very strict. Now Google monitor your six month contribution at partner sites for Account approvals. Hence now very difficult to get Google Adsense Account approval for Contributory users.

Follow this tricks and tips for Google Adsense Account approval

1. Apply Google Adsense through

Before applying post more than 10 resources with good grammar and spellings. Write article on your experiences, about school, college, and travel. Article should be contains more than 250 words. With this contribute other sections like exam papers, ask experts, jobs, classifieds, and English.

2. Associate your Google Adsense account with Regional sites and

Associate your Adsense account with regional sites by using associate information like "Google account ID, Phone No last 5 digit, and other important information". Here also contribute at list 5 resources and good content.

3. Associate your Google Adsense account with

Signup in Blogspot, Create your own Blog with good Title. Start posting at least 10 articles with good grammar and spellings. Article should be more than 200 words. Then click on Monetize and associate your Adsense account with blogspot. continue blog posting weekly, now you can post short articles. Use this blog for your articles and content at ISC or other regional sites by adding links or introductory part.

Same at Monetize section you found Feedburner, burn your feed through it and check option Google Adsense for feedburner.

Now add Adsense gadgets to your blog by clicking on add gadget. The Google advertise appears on your blog but this is the public service ads. Now you much closer to Google.

4 Associate your Google Adsense account with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the statistical service by Google. That give you information about your website visits, referral for your website. Add your Blog here and allow to receive data from Google Adsense.

5. Use Webmaster Tools for your Blog with same Google account.

Very important if you are old user of Google services like Gmail or Orkut. Use this account for Adsense and other Google services. This whole activity take you very close to Google services and this will may give you positive response. Google Adsense receives Six application for Approval through
Your consistency in posting articles increases your chances to get Google Adsense account approval within six months.

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