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H1N1 flu infects deep cells
[Image: hn1-reuters.jpg]

PARIS - H1N1 flu can infect cells deeper in the lungs than seasonal flu, thus helping to boost the severity of the illness, a study released on Thursday said.

The paper provides the first laboratory corroboration of reports from front-line doctors that some patients with A(H1N1) virus suffer worse symptoms compared to those with run-of-the-mill seasonal flu.

Influenza viruses penetrate cells by attaching themselves to molecules called receptors, located on the outside of the cell wall.

The virus' docking spike and the receptor are like a key and a lock. Some viruses only open a few cells, while others have something rather closer to a pass key, making it possible to infect a larger cell variety.

Once inside, the virus uses the cell's machinery to replicate, eventually bursting the cell and going on to attack others.

Seasonal strains attach themselves almost exclusively to cells found in the nose, throat and upper airway, producing a some of influenza's signature symptoms: runny nose, scratchy throat, a dry cough.

But the new research, published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, shows that the new H1N1 flu - by sticking to a greater range of receptors - can also breach cells deep in the lungs.

Lab-dish experiments were carried out by Ten Feizi of Imperial College London and colleagues in which 86 different receptors were exposed to both seasonal and pandemic flu.

The seasonal strains only locked onto the kind of receptors found in the upper respiratory track.

But the H1N1 flu virus was also able to latch onto receptors found deep inside the lungs, albeit more weakly. The adhesion results in a more severe lung infection.

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Yes That was Really Dangerous Virus
But in Sun News Channel , the Doctors Told If We Take Rest In Home For 1 week the Fever will Gets Cured Automatically Like Chicken Pox
கந்தல் ஆனாலும் தாய் மடி போல் ஒரு சுகம் வருமா.....வருமா...
சொர்க்கம் சென்றாலும் சொந்த ஊர் போல் சுதந்திரம் வருமா.... வருமா ...
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