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Help D2h Dvr-Quick Guide!!!
I'm trying to give some features & functions of Videocon D2h-dvr.
Hope it will be useful for the Indian DTH members.
1}Universal remote control features...(Remote key functions)

Power(tv):To switch ur tv on or to make it standby.
Power:to switch satellite box on or standby.
Menu:gets u to the D2h menu.
Language:Helps in changing the language.
Favourite:To preset ur favourite programmes.
Tv/Av:To select between tv & av.
Mosaic:Shortcut key
Active:To open active service menu.
Guide:Gets u programme listings & schedules.
Mute:Switches sound on/off.
Info bar:To get information bar.
Ok:Helps u confirm the desired function.
Navigation keys:Helps u in navigate up,down,right&left.
Volume up/down:To adjust the volume level.
Channel up/down:Helps u in navigate through channels.
Back key:Helps in undo any function.
Exit:To exit from any menu.
Red,Green,Yellow,&Blue:Specific function pads.
Ff:To fast forward a live paused program or a recorded programme.
Rewind:To rewind live or recorded programme.
Play/pause:To play & pause live tv.
Record:To record live content.
Stop:Stops the programme.
SlowTonguelays programme in slow motion.
Skip back:Instant replay.
Skip forw:Jump forward.
Live:Jumps back to live tv.
Alpha num.keys:Offers different functions in different modes.
Home:Gets u to the home channel.
Help:Gets u to the help menu.

2}Process to configure Universal remote with normal tv remote:

Step1>Keeps the two remote with their front facing each other at a distance of 2 to 3 cm.
Step2>Press & hold 'OK'key & 'Digit 2'key on universal remote for a moment till 'OK'key starts blinking.
Step3>Now the universal remote is ready to learn the Tv remote keys.(e.g. If u want to programme 'STANDBY'key then first press'TV'(standby)key on universal remote & then press'STANDBY'key on the Tv remote.
Step4>'OK'key stops blinking & glows constantly,press'STANDBY'key on Tv remote.
Step5>'OK'key again starts blinking,it means the Universal remote has learnt the Standby function of Tv remote.
Step6>Repeat above steps 3 to 4 for programming other keys like,
Tv/av,Vol(+) & Vol(-) also Mute.

Note:To reset universal remote press'OK'key & 'Digit 1'key simultaneously for 2-3 seconds.

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(08-01-2011, 03:56 PM)shree137795 Wrote: I'm trying to give some features & functions of Videocon D2h-dvr.
[b]Hope it will be useful for the Sod members.

1}Universal remote control features...(Remote key functions)

your are posting it here for IDF and not SOD??

Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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