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Help Debate: Terrorist State v/s Soft State
Mingled with the cries of triumph over Osama's assassination and chants of "USA! USA!" are the mostly ignored cries of one-sixth of the world's population, who've time and again been victims of terror attacks, and who, like the Americans, have sought justice.

India, having earned the reputation of a 'soft state', is again playing the wounded card in the wake of Osama's death, and demanding that Pakistan hand over the masterminds of 26/11 so justice can be served. India's legally emancipated sibling, Pakistan, is once again on the brink of earning the tag of 'terrorist state'.

The questions are many and are likely to remain unanswered. USA has supplied military aid to Pakistan, much to India's chagrin, and has termed itself Pakistan's ally, a status that might change sooner than you can say Hallelujah. Pakistan, though not given any credit for participating in the execution of Osama, is now embarrassedly saying, "It's true we didn't shoot him down, but we shared intelligence with the Americans for ten years!"

Facing a literal global court martial, all eyes are now on Pakistan's involvement in giving refuge to Osama in very affluent territory, that too, near a military academy, for six years. Now that the USA has kept its promise of delivering Osama's head to its citizens -- never you mind the many conspiracy theories doing their rounds -- rumours are swirling about USA's imminent move of pulling its troops out of Afghanistan, something that experts say can have disastrous consequences on the 'war against terror'.

Osama's death might well have financial implications for the world, to add to this list. Amidst all these developments, where does India, hereunto only at the receiving end of Pakistan-supported terror, stand?

There are war cries from every corner that India should man up and swoop in on Pakistan and snuff out terrorism from its roots. First of all, Pakistan and the US were allies, even if only on paper, a sentiment that Pakistan doesn't share about India. Though born of the same mother, India and Pakistan are noted adversaries.

Secondly, getting just the one man has set back the US by billions of taxpayers' dollars. Though tax is collected rigidly to the last paisa in India, it only swells the personal coffers of the politicians, so forget that angle.

Thirdly, we've demonstrated our stark inability to even keep our coasts vigilant, so where will the investments to build specially trained task forces come from, given that we can't afford basic safety measures like bullet-proof vests?

Fourthly, do we even want to fight terrorism, considering how quick we are in heaping sanctimonious praise on wounded cities and their resilience?

If Pakistan deserves its 'terrorist state' tag, India is not far behind in proudly pinning its 'soft state' label on its sleeves. We've so far only indulged in diplomatic back-and-forth and legal wrangling, and now use another country as a shield to demand justice. In this epic battle of the perennially unprepared v/s the perennially on-the-defensive, no one's the winner.

Given all this, can India really go all guns blazing and suss out terror masterminds hiding in Pakistan? If we do embark on that path, a nuclear conflagration is not just possible, it's guaranteed.

So can India really risk an Abbottabad?

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