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Help Economic and Cultural Contribution of Indian TV Industry
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Indian TV has immense economic, social, and cultural significance for the domestic economy, in particular and world economy, in general. The expansion of viewership and the growth in the number of Indian TV channels have opened new avenues of business and opportunities. Daily soaps and realty shows have not only provided chances for people to showcase their talents, but also stirred a debate in society on various issues.

Regional channels, such as ETV Kannada, provide people their own regional platform. Indian TV acts as a harbinger of new fashion vistas and plays a crucial role in shaping cultural ethos of youth in the country. Indian TV channels play a crucial role in ensuring that Indians living abroad maintain close ties with their parent country.

Economic Might of Indian TV Channels
Indian TV and film industry is rapidly growing and providing various opportunities for entrepreneurs. According to estimates, the total value of Indian TV and film industry stands at $20.4 billion. In 2009 alone, the industry has contributed $6.2 billion to national economy. It is also responsible for the creation of 1.8 million jobs in the country. Business channels and programs in support of farmers have provided a platform for many to invest, analyze, and identify effective avenues of economic prosperity.

The industry also provides big brands to penetrate Indian market quickly and reach maximum number of people through advertisements. Indian TV industry is also responsible for the introduction of newer technologies and expansion of telecom and Internet sectors. Direct to Home services and online TV revolution allure leading telecommunication players to invest in the country.

Socio-Cultural Role of Indian TV Industry
Indian TV programs have immense effect on multilayered social fabric of the country. Regional voices, such as ETV Kannada, act as a tool to preserve the thousand-year-old cultures. While it showcases the cultural diversity in the country, it also connects Indians spread across the world.

Persons of Indian origin found Indian TV channels most suitable to learn about the country of their forefathers and track its socio-economic progress. The inherent social message in television programs have stirred debates on changing parent-children relations, joint family living, and age-old traditions. Their presentations on women empowerment, social and cultural changes, child labor, and rural-urban divide have led to positive developments in these areas.

Advantages of Watching Indian TV Channels Online
Availability of Indian TV channels online has completely transformed viewer's experience. It has many value-added benefits, such as better picture quality, interactive mode, and personalized experience along with the features of regular television. The following are the key advantages of watching Indian TV channels online.
  • First, people living in any part of the world can now watch Indian TV shows, as channels are available online. Indians of Kannada origin but staying in European and American countries can watch programs in their own language, as ETV Kannada is also available online. Traveling or migration from one place to another will not be a hindrance in watching your favorite soaps.

  • Second, a subscriber can watch programs from any channel. All major national and regional Indian TV channels now available online. Content compression technologies help in convergence of a number of channels.

  • Third, viewers can also choose the desired channels. You can choose whatever you want to watch and customize your package. One can keep sports channels out of the bouquet, if they are not a sports enthusiast.

  • Fourth, online TV watching is popular for Video on Demand (VOD) services. Viewers can ask for videos of missing shows and watch it with conveniently. It also provides the option of recording programs whenever required.

  • Lastly, watching Indian TV online provides a number of interactive features. Simultaneously viewers can chat, browse the Internet, or stay connected with peer groups. Blending of television and the Internet has led to the full utilization of broadband flexibility for the benefit of Indian TV viewers.

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