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Help How to eat healthy at a party?
It’s party time with X’mas and New Year around the corner. Did you know that eating an extra or heavy meal will add up on your weight? Many people gain weight because of the temptation of delicious treats and extravagant dinners. If you eat a healthy and nutritious diet, you will feel better and have more energy to enjoy the season. But if you don’t watch out while you’re partying you can consume additional calories just ahead of your New Year resolutions. Eating small portions of your favourites is a great idea and make sure you sit next to a fellow healthy eater while partying.

Eat before you go out
Many people believe that if they skip breakfast or lunch, they can save up all those calories for the party. That sounds like a good idea, but skipping meals can make you tired and you may end up consuming many more calories than the ones you skipped earlier in the day. A bowl of whole grain cereal and low-fat milk for breakfast, a mid-morning fresh juice, followed by a healthy lunch with a salad will keep you going through out the day. It will be better to have a light lunch if you are planning to attend a dinner party.

Never go for any kind of party on an empty stomach. You will end up eating far more than you actually need to, or even really want to. When you have a party to attend, snack on some fibre-filled foods just before you go. Fibre helps you to feel full. Choose foods like low-calorie vegetables, a small salad, a piece of fresh fruit, or a small bowl of oatmeal. Be good to yourself. Eat a sustaining meal before you leave for a party.

Tackling desserts
You should not feel deprived, so go ahead and take a small piece of dessert or ice cream or gulabjamun. It isn’t easy to resist the delicious foods you find at a party. Look out for any one thing that you really would love to enjoy. The rest of your plate can be filled with healthy vegetables and fruits. Choose your foods and your drink and move to a different part of the room. Place small portions on your plate. Pace yourself when you’re eating at a party. Set your spoon down between bites and sip some water. Relax and enjoy the flavour of each mouthful. Chew each bite thoroughly before you swallow. It will help to digest better and control the portion sizes.

Drink plenty of water
Water is essential as a body lubricant for various organs. By drinking adequate water the toxins or the body waste products are flushed out. If more liquids are taken with meals your appetite will decrease. You can also use water to slow down your eating by taking a sip or two between bites. Have a glass or two of water before you start drinking alcoholic beverages, and have one in between drinks to slow down your alcohol consumption as well. And don’t forget that many alcoholic beverages contain high levels of calories
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