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Help Listen to your heart, execs told
GURGAON: This is a corporate city. The long work hours and the stress in the swanky looking office blocks are killing. In direct proportion to the pressures at work, executives take to alcohol, cigarettes and irregular food habits. And these take a toll on the heart.

On World Stroke Day, last week, doctors in the city called for regular medical checkups for people living the killer corporate life.

According to Dr Vipul Gupta, head of neuro-intervention, Medanta Institute of Neurosciences, Almost 150-200 cases of acute stroke have been reported in our hospital in the last one year. The statistics speak for themselves. People are very aware of heart attacks, since theyre much written about and reported in the media, but they do not understand that brain attacks (or strokes) are caused almost by the same phenomenon a lack of adequate blood flow to the brain.

Dr Gupta added, Besides, even people who think they live healthy lifestyles might be exposed to the risk of strokes because of hereditary factors.

According to records at Max Hospital, 20-30 cases of stroke are reported every month, 80% of which are due to the blockage of blood flow. People who have had heart problems are more prone to strokes since cardioembolic strokes, a result of clotting in the heart which subsequently shoots up to the brain, are very common when people live typically corporate lifestyles, said Dr Manoj Chawla, senior consultant neurologist with Max Hospital.

Dr Chawla further added that the sedentary corporate lifestyle has all the ingredients that result in hypertension bad eating habits, stress, and abuse of alcohol and nicotine.

Sandeep Mishra, a marketing manager with a MNC based in Gurgaon had what can only be called a nightmare he fell unconscious while sleeping.

I never thought I would fall so seriously unwell. Most of the time, I just ignored the signs my body was sending out to me. I had a stroke while I was sleeping and my family only realised in the morning. Its a miracle that Im still alive, said Mishra, who had to take a 3-month leave after the attack so as to be able to recover.
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