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Help Microsoft launches 2nd pre-release of Internet Explorer 10
San Francisco: The software giant Microsoft has released the second preview of its latest version of the popular web browser Internet Explorer. The second pre-release of the IE10 offers support for a bunch of new features and specifications.

The second preview release of the Internet Explorer 10, which is expected to launch in 2011 along with Windows 8 operating system, includes support for major platform features like HTML5 Parser, HTML5 Sandbox, Web Workers, HTML5 Forms, Media Query Listeners and more.

The new release also includes support for the new Web File API, which gives browsers controlled, restricted access to the local file system. With this new features, the IE web browser will take advantage of computers' hardware to load complex images in sites, thus making the loading process faster than ever.

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview contains:

1. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS3 Flexible Box (“Flexbox”) Layout
Positioned floats
CSS3 Gradients (on all properties that accept images)
CSS3 Grid Alignment
CSS3 Multi-column Layout
Removal of style sheet limits

2. Document Object Model (DOM) support

Advanced Hit testing APIs
CSSOM Floating Point Value support
Media Query Listeners

3. ECMAScript 5 (ES5) support

The strict variant of ECMAScript (“ES5 strict mode”)

4. HTML5 support

Asynchronus Script Execution
Drag and Drop
File API
Forms Validation
Web Workers

5. Web performance APIs

The Internet Explorer Platform Preview requires Windows 7 (x86 or x64) Operating System. Users can test the HTML5 performance on

With the new IE 10, Microsoft is planning to continue its domination in the internet browser market. Recently, Microsoft has been facing threats from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Mozilla has released the Firefox 5 with more than 1000 improvements and Google rolled out Chrome 12.
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