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Help Now, an injection to get rid of obesity and diabetes
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AHMEDABAD: A weekly injection is now on offer for people to get rid of both diabetes and obesity. On the second day of the national obesity conference being held in the city on Saturday, leading endocrinologist Dr Shashank Joshi said an injection of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) hormone is the new medicine on the block that is used to treat both diabetes and obesity!

"GLP-1 injection mainly targets the pancreas where it stimulates the beta cells to produce more insulin and targets the alpha cells so that less glucose is produced. By this twin action, it sets a new glucose regulatory mechanism in the body helping to control both diabetes and obesity", said Dr Joshi who is the president of All India Association of Advanced Research in Obesity.

Dr Joshi said that the injection will be used more in patients who suffer from 'diabesity' or those who have both diabetes and obesity. "People who have moderate to severe diabesity should benefit from this injection which is given either daily or once a week", he said.

Chairman and leading obesity surgeon of the country Dr Mahendra Narwaria said that experts dealing with obesity have also mooted a study that compares the results of best medical and surgical practices to treat the alarming burden of 'diabesity' in the country.

"Patients and their response to medicine and surgery for diabesity would be studied so as to evolve the best treatment for any person suffering from the twin lifestyle disorder which is a major risk factor for a host of other diseases", said Dr Narwaria.

Earlier, endocrinologist Dr Navneet Shah, who spoke on drugs being used in treatment of obesity, said 'Orlistat' had been found to be the most effective in obesity management, while most of the other drugs like sibutramine, rimonabant have been banned in most countries including India by the government.

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