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Help Samsung Galaxy S I9000 tips and tricks
Here are some Samsung Galaxy S I9000 mobile phone tips and tricks. Might these tips help you to make your phone more users friendly. Most of the tricks are work with Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair).You don’t need to install any tools and utilities to use these features.

Samsung Galaxy S I9000 tips and tricks:

1. Long press home button to open task switcher, task switcher gives you information about recent takes.
2. Instead of long press on screen to open shortcuts, just press left key once to do the same operation.
3. To control brightness on home screen, just hold you finger at the upper side of the screen, a down curtain will appear, instead of pulling it down, just slide your finger left to right.
4. To save the battery, always use auto brightness.
5. To use advanced calculator (scientific calculator) in Samsung Galaxy S, just rotate the device anti-clockwise to landscape view to use the scientific calculator.
6. The down arrow located at the calculator will show you the calculation history.
7. At the time of watching the videos, just press the lock key to avoid unwanted button press. This feature also works with camera.
8. To enable the USB menu just go to Settings > About phone > USB settings and select Ask on connection. This feature is useful if you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy S phone to PC for data transfer, Kies uses, Media player, mass storage etc.
9. To use the Samsung Galaxy S as a removable disc, after connection data cable, just select mass storage mode. When you do this, a USB icon will appear on the screen at top left, just slide down the notification window and select the USB and choose mount option.
10. In contacts list, just slide left and right to individual contact to make phone call and SMS respectively.
11. In contacts list, there is a list of alphabets located at the right side of the list, just scroll through this list for faster contacts browsing.
12. Instead of searching for a contacts in contacts list, use smart dial, to use this just go to dial pad and enter users name in T9 method to quick phone book access. (For example, if you want to make a call to a person name mike, just press 6453)
13. Tapping on the contact picture, gives you some more options.
14. To restart phone, instead of switching it off and again on by pressing power button, just long press the power button phone will be restart.
15. To open Google search, hold menu key for about a second.
16. In ‘Gallery’, click the icon on the right to group them into date taken.
17. To delete complete folder or individual images in gallery, just long press the desired album in Gallery to remove whole folder or individual images.
18. To mute the incoming call ringtone, press the volume down button to mute the ringer.
19. To zoom in camera, just press the volume rocker buttons to zoon in and out.
20. If you want to hide some video clips, just go to the video player and press left button and select the Remove option. Don’t worry your clips are safe. To recover these removed clips, press the left button again and select Restore video links to restore removed clips.
21. Removing the 3.5 mm jack/wired headphone at the time of playing the music, the music will automatically stop (pause), just like Apple iPod.
22. To edit the menu items, just go to menu and press left button to change the menu positions.
23. Phone and Home buttons are fixed but you can change the Message and Contacts buttons, to do this, just press left button to change these buttons
24. Enable 5.1 channel sounds – to turn on the 5.1 channel experience, just set the Equaliser and Effect to Normal mode.
25. Reject call with SMS – to do this, just scroll up from the bottom when you receive a call, you can customise your own message also.
26. To see the battery charging percentage, just change your lock screen to paten mode. Battery status also present in Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status.
27. In camera, enable anti-shake for better pictures.
28. To take a contacts backup, go to contacts > press left key > select more option > select import/export > and select export to SD card option.

How to restore Samsung Galaxy S to factory settings?

* Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy
* Tap Factory data reset
* Select Reset phone
* Enter your password and select Yes

If above method does not work, then try out this:

* Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S
* Remove the battery and reinsert it
* Hold the Volume Down button
* Press power button once
* A menu will appear with options- Fast boot, Recovery, Clear Storage, and SIM lock
* Select your desires option; in this case, select Clear Storage by pressing Volume Down button
* Press and release the Power button
* Again, new menu will appear, just select YES by pressing Volume Up button. If you don’t want to do this, press Volume Down button.

Please note: In factory setting restore process, all the phone data will be removed such as applications and phone book. Always take a contacts backup before doing this. For contacts backup please refer tip #28.
[Image: izvqcn.jpg]

wIcKeD mEnTaLiTy
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I have an European Galaxy S i9000 and I'm trying to get into Fastboot mode; I tried you method but it didn't work. Could you please give me more details about your firmware/modem version? Do you know if your Galaxy S hardware differs in some way from the European one?
Thanks for your support.

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