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Help Singapore schools take to iPad, what about Sakshat?

Singapore: Students in Singapore are replacing their school books with the multi-functional Apple iPad. Four schools in the city area have started doling out iPads to the students and teachers in order to reduce the burden of children and help the teachers in looking for in-depth teaching materials.

A project undertaken in a pilot, has seen the students respond positively, terming the iPad a more convenient option than the books and notes.

Coming to India, we have the Sakshat tablet computer that is supposed to serve the same purposes that the iPad is doing in the Singaporean schools. Sakshat was scheduled to launch in January 10, 2011 but still there has been no update on that.

The USP of Sakshat is that it is touted to be the cheapest tablet in the world priced at 1,500. Although it has less features and apps as compared to the iPad, the important thing to be noted here is that Sakshat is being made strictly for educational purpose. However with both of them at school, a lot of safeguards need to be put in place to ensure the students visit only appropriate websites.

A richer cousin of Sakshat, iPad's application as an educational device will be limited given that it has multiple areas of application mostly in the entertainment. While education and entertainment are needed in healthy doses, entertainment can't replace education. This is where Sakshat can score as it comes with an educational software developed by the IITs.

Moreover, Sakshat comes with the capability of being charged by solar power and can be of great use in the rural areas. But the question is when is the Sakshat seeing light of the day?

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