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Help Vettel prepared to do the 'honourable thing'

Sebastian Vettel has strongly hinted that he will help Mark Webber take the title if the only other option is Fernando Alonso snatching the crown.

If Vettel leads Webber in a Red Bull 1-2 this weekend, Alonso only needs to finish fourth to take the title, but if Webber wins, Alonso must come second.

Vettel has insisted he is not thinking about the potential outcomes, but when asked directly what he would do in the first scenario, he told Formula One's official website: "At the end of the day we are employed by the team. And if this situation occurs you do not need to be a genius to decide what to do - you will act accordingly. I am not thinking too much about these kind of situations. I think it is more the people around us that do that - since Brazil I've been asked this question quite often."

Christian Horner said he would expect nothing less of either of his drivers, but reiterated that the decision was in their hands.

"It is very difficult indeed," he said. "On the one hand you are driving for yourself and on the other hand you are driving for a team. You rely on all those members of the team so it is a horrible question to be faced with as a driver. But ultimately you recognise that you are driving for a team and it is important to do the right thing for the team. Both are team players. In the same situation I am convinced that both would do the right and honourable thing."

Asked if his drivers would be allowed an open fight if Alonso retired before the end of the race, he said: "Absolutely. At that point both are racing for the world championship. The risk that Lewis Hamilton has a 'free ride' to the championship is there, but as Dietrich [Mateschitz] always tells me, if there's no risk, there's no fun!"
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