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Help aMap Introduces aMapDTH
Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd – aMap, – India’s first overnight television ratings system announces aMapDTH, an exclusive Ratings measurement of DTH households, this will address the concern that direct-to-home viewing data is not being gathered sufficiently by the current available measurement.

Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd (aMap) has installed a network of digital people meters—a tool to measure the viewing habits of TV audiences—in 1,200 DTH homes nationwide. This provides viewership data of channels and programs on the platform, audience size and market share of each DTH operator.

Viewership data would be available including ratings, reach and time spent on each channel.

Speaking on how this move will benefit the industry, Jiniti Shah, Vice President aMap says, ‘Measurement in the DTH space will give insights on how DTH is becoming a viable media platform and how viewership differs from the analog space. It will help make pricing and packaging decisions for the DTH operators and the channels. Media planners will now be able to analyze the additional audiences that can be reached out by the advertiser through this medium’.

Tata Sky and Dish TV, both accounting for majority of the paid DTH market in India, have already signed agreement with aMap for DTH Viewership data.

India is among the fastest growing DTH market. This new market is growing at more than 60% annually. Measuring this space is vital for the industry. The competition among all the DTH platforms further makes the space highly dynamic. aMapDTH, through its proprietary technology, smart meters and content matching is able to provide data on interactive as well as popular channels on the DTH platform.

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aMap to provide viewership data of DTH users- Busts a myth?

aMap has recently signed deals with Tata Sky and Dish TV to measure viewing habits of Digital subscribers using DTH services. By using a proprietary ‘format independent content identification ‘ technology, they will be able to measure all type of interactions between users and their Set-Top-Boxes(STBs).

For aMap which has been trying to compete with TAM for quite some time in India, this may be a good move. aMap known to provide overnight data for its analogue measurement analytics, will also be providing the same for its digital measurement through 1500 odd meters they are going to install in selected DTH homes.

For quite sometime I was hearing that DTH operators are tracking viewership data using their own set top boxes, and may soon provide an alternative to TAM/aMap ratings. But this development proves that DTH companies neither have that kind of expertise nor money to achieve an effective audience measurement mechanism. Although audience measurement is a very lucrative market but their are these obvious reasons why DTH industry will keep away from it-

1. Expertise- Audience measurement requires a bigger setup for recording and analyzing samples and then using techniques like “Statistical Sampling”. It’s altogether a different ball-game.

2. Cost- To enable sampling, agencies needs to develop a Return Path Data (RPD) which can send the important user data back to the recording station. Normally, every STB has an RPD but to send data for every activity it requires a huge bandwidth, which may cost dearly to DTH operators.

3. Competition- With so many DTH operators, no one has the bandwidth to focus on data collection (to be frank)!


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