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IDF Exclusive : Can anyone please help me in setting up my connection.
Can anyone please help me in setting up my connection.

I've got a 6 feet aluminium dish antenna, assembled it, and also got a C band dual pol LNBF (Universal make), and a CEEM-X A88 MPEG-4 DVB-S2 satellite receiver. I'm trying to track Intelsat 17 from many days but could not get a result. Using Dishpointer I located the satellite Intelsat 17 and got the following parameters

Latitude : 17.096*
Longitude : 79.249*

Intelsat 66*E,
Elevation : 64.8*
Azimuth : 218.7*
LNB skew : 36.7*

I took help of a compass and pointed my dish to the angle 218*/219*, and with the help of inclinometer (a card board model) pointed my elevation to 64*/65*. even after setting up all these I could only find signal intensity 45% and signal quality 5%. I removed the LNBF and then signal intensity was 36% and signal quality 5%. first I thought there is a problem with my receiver but tested it at a vendor shop and it works fine. I dont know whether my LNBF is working or not. I tried to check the output voltage of the LNBF using a multimeter(from LNB in connector), it shows 19V. I had set the LNB freqency to 5150. I even enquired about any technician who is capable of doing this but no one knows this setup at my place. I'm posting some screenshots taken of my receiver. i heard of this site and expecting help from anyone of you. can anyone help me as I promised my dad I will show him a devotional channel which is hosted on this satellite. thanks in advance.
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