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IDF Exclusive : Veethi - Delivering Farm products to your doorstep
I have a farm in the middle of forests located in Western Ghats region near Mangalore, Karnataka. From a long time, I have been providing things grown in my farm such as spices, honey, fruits etc to my relatives, friends living in cities as they can't get fresh, good quality unadulterated products there. Few of my cousins and relatives always used to suggest me to start website and list out things so that it will be convenient for everyone.

Few months ago, along with two of my relatives started a website so that everyone can source products directly from the farms. This is different than products sold elsewhere because we don't use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides for cultivation (Huge fans of Fukuoka San and Mr. Palekar). We prefer to maintain the originality as much as possible. So we do zero or as less processing as possible for all the products we sell. Everything is 100% unadulterated.

The link to the website is Veethi Delivering farm products to your doorstep. I would like to hear feedback from you guys. If you guys like the idea, you are free to place orders.


P.S - If anyone having farms in Karnataka interested in collaborating with me, please ping me. I would love to connect with you.
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Did you guys know that the majority of the honey sold in the supermarkets and local grocery stores are highly adulterated ?.

[Image: K5q2YWe.png]

Curious to know how real honey tastes?, Visit
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[Image: Wuf2Fas.png]

One of my friend grows Walnuts in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Let me know if anyone want to give it a try.

How these Walnuts are different and better than the ones sold in the market?
  • These Walnuts sourced directly from the farms located in the hills of Uttarakhand.
  • The Walnuts usually sold in the market are grown in other countries, stored for a long time and dumped here in India. On other hand, these are fresh walnuts grown in Uttarakhand.
  • We don’t use any kind of chemical fertilizers, pesticides during cultivation.
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We are now in Infibeam.
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Introducing Nisarga Edible Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.
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For the lovers of spicy food now we have Bird's Eye Chili -

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