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In an exclusive chat with Tarana on Zee Cinema’s Buzz of the week
MUMBAI: Shahrukh Khan spoke about his kids, his heroines and snake on the sets of My Name is Khan. Here are a few excerpts from the interview…

Tarana: How does it feel now that the movie is set to release?

SRK: The release of the movie is like a daughter’s wedding day. While you have taken real good care of her for a very long time and love her utmost, you have to let go of her one day. And all you could do is wish and pray that everything will go very well for her.

Tarana: Do you wonder what happened to all those actors like Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Gayathri Joshi etc who started their big screen
journeys with your movie? Are you in touch with them?

SRK: Honestly I don’t feel responsible for launching any actor. I work for myself and I don’t want to take credit for any of their work. Deepika started her career with OSO and is doing very well now. If tomorrow she goes ahead and wins Oscar awards, I wouldn’t want to take credit for that. It’s her own efforts and hard work. Hence if I don’t take credit for them, I also won’t feel responsible for not being in touch with them J

Having said that, I am very much in touch with Suchitra. Our kids go to the same school. I also meet Deepika very often. She comes home and we also keep meeting at parties.

Tarana: Who is your best friend?

SRK: I could say that my kids are my best friends. I have a good time with them. We love each other immensely and unconditionally. They aren’t nice to me just because they want to make a movie with me. I can sleep with them and still have no controversies around it. So ya, they are my best friends.

Tarana: You have been recently writing on social networking sites…

SRK: Yeah honestly I never wanted to write or blog because I didn’t know what to write. I have read celebrities who write on these sites and I find it extremely redundant and boring. Then Karan told me that it’s important to blog because people want to know about the actor behind the screen. It’s a way of telling them that we also lead a normal life. Hence I have started twitting recently.

Tarana: You recently got a Migraine problem…

SRK: Yeah my character in My Name is Khan needs to keep my eyes in a particular angle and with a blank look for which I had to stretch my eyebrows and keep them stuck upwards physically. I stretched that look for hours during the shoot and got so used to it that I started doing it even when I wasn’t shooting. This started giving me severe headache. A check up at the hospital revealed that I have got migraine and I am guessing that is because of the same.

Tarana: There was a snake at the sets.

SRK: There were rumors on the set that there are snakes around. I was very scared of them but didn’t want others to panic so I kept quite. But who knew it was gonna come in the water tank I was shooting in. there was this group of people who came running towards me suddenly in the shot and before I realized I found them running helter-skelter screaming about the snake.

The episode will be telecast on Thursday, February 11th at 8 p.m.


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