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Indian mobile subscribers being targeted with fraudulent calls from abroad
Mobile subscribers in India are observed to be increasingly being targeted by ‘Prize Winner Scam’ calls which originate mainly from overseas number based out of Pakistan and Dubai.

COAI Officiating Director, T.R.Dua says, “I have been given to understand that in these types of phone frauds, the fraudster pretends to be representative of amobile operator (caller posing as a customer care executive of the mobile company) and targets innocent users into divulging sensitive personal information and tricks them into paying the money on the pretext that the user is the winner of some prize money. “

COAI has now issued some precautionary measures to be taken by the mobile subscribers. These include

· Avoid going from your mobile browser to sites which offer unreliable and questionable content.

· Read everything carefully before downloading something.

· Do not post your mobile number on the websites unless you are very sure that the site is secure.

· Do not dial any code from your mobile that an unknown caller asks you to do so.

· Do not give your handset IMEI number to anybody. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique code given by handset manufacturer for your number. This can be obtained by pressing *#06#.

· Keep Bluetooth connectivity off when not required and or keep the security feature of your handset on high mode.

· Periodically check the icons on your handset and ensure that no new icons have appeared that have not consciously been installed by you.

· Check your Mobile bill regularly for any anomaly.

· Format your handset if you feel that unintentionally any of the above may have happened with you, this will remove malicious software from your handset.

· Refrain from sharing any personal information, identity proof or making any payments to people promising lottery or other unexpected awards.

· Do not respond to any Call from a number where the person on the other end claims to be calling from the service provider and asks to dial a number to get some prize money.

· Avoid responding to suspicious Missed Calls from unknown numbers.

· Do not respond to any SMS from unknown sources prompting to call on a number.

· In case of suspicious calls, report the same to the concerned service provider/bank.

Personal details such as Voter ID number, Bank Account, Credit Card details etc should also not be disclosed.

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