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Insat2E(c) and Insat4B (ku) on a single dish
Last night i aligned my spare 210cm 'c band' dish to Insat2E. I was planning to add one ku band lnb as well for insat4b tps, but couldnt complete due to bad weather here. It was after a long time, i tuned to insat2e; since i started using dth (sundth, big etc).

What was unbelievable is the picture clarity. I am currently using an AV cable from my FTA receiver as the slot for component cable already in use by bigtv receiver. Yet, the picture quality is far better compare to same channels in big receiver. Channels like Kairali, asianet news are far better in pic. quality, than the same in RDTV. So for sure, the picture clarity will be superb once its connected through HDMI, or component cable..

I am expecting an mpeg4 HD receiver soon and was preparing my dishes for it. Also, i am wondering if i can tune to insat4b (kuband tps), using the same dish. Will continue the experiments during next week, as the weather is so bad since two days...

have your comments or suggestions from your past experiences.. thanks.
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Nice to hear that and expecting more updates from you :up:
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