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Jackson 5 Reunion Means Another Lawsuit for Michael Jackson
[Image: Jackson-5-Reunion-Means-Another-Lawsuit-...kson-2.jpg]

Having a Jackson 5 reunion is something that millions of fans around the world, as well as industry insiders, have hoped for for years. Although one such special concert was in the works at some point, it seems it slowly became undoable, mostly because of Michael’s refusal to be a part of it. According to TMZ, organizers AllGood Entertainment are set to convince the singer to change his mind – or they’ll sue.

As we reported last week, Michael’s manager signed a contract for a Jackson 5 reunion for 2010, at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on his behalf, although he had not approved of it. Not only did the King of Pop fail to come through, but he even moved on to sign with the upcoming “This Is It,” thus violating a clause in the contract that prohibited him from doing so for another 18 months. AllGood Entertainment has already met with Michael, Janet and the Jacksons brothers and, since they have not reached any agreement, it is now offering him an ultimatum before taking the matter to court.

“We’ve learned there was a secret meeting yesterday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Michael Jackson made it clear – he will not perform with Janet and the Jackson 5; and the dude who organized the concert tour tells us he will sue them. […] The company that organized the family concert – AllGood Entertainment – got Michael, daddy Joe Jackson and several others in a room yesterday at the Bev Hills Hotel. Joe tried to convince Michael that the family tour should go on, but Michael wouldn’t budge because it would have aired on pay-per-view and M.J. said he doesn’t like pay-per-view! The meeting was heated and no one agreed to anything.” TMZ writes.

Consequently, Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment is thinking of suing both Michael and the Jackson family for breach of contract. However, an ultimatum has been issued, since the idea of a reunion concert is too good to give up on without a good fight. As per TMZ, Allocco later approached Michael, telling him Jackson 5 could perform for one single night without pay-per-view. For this one-time gig, Michael would be paid $3 million, Janet would get $1 million, while the brothers $500,000 between themselves, the same media outlet informs.

As of now, Michael Jackson has not yet responded to this final offer from AllGood Entertainment, but word in the industry is he’s not going to take it up either because of the “This Is It” series of shows, scheduled to start this month. For more on this, keep an eye on this space.

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