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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Game Trailer & Review
[Image: james-bond-blood-stone-game-review.jpg]


We have lately seen a lot of Bond games from the home of EA, which have been based on unique storylines. But now, Activision and Bizarre creations have come up with an innovative launch of a Bond video game, which is their first attempt in this genre of video games. The game has been recently revealed worldwide in London, and has been called the James Bond

The game is based on the original Bond storyline, but has been given a heavily cinematic take. The game’s opening sequence is based in Athens, Greece where Bond is on the trail of a guy called Grecko, who is actually the principal villain of this game. Bearing similarity to most Bond movies, the opening sequence is filled with loads of action and acts as a preface of sorts, before the opening credits and title track are introduced.

Once Dame Judi Dench’s ‘M’ facilitates for the initial intel to Daniel Craig’s Bond, he swiftly jumps off a plane at low altitude and pulls a parachute at the last moment to swoop down onto a frigate where Grecko is known to be preparing despicable plans. This intro plunges from one profligately created cut-scene into a custom-made gameplay sequence, which is a trick used a lot during the level by Bizarre. At times one may almost forget that the cut-scenes aren’t gameplay until the HUD and third-person camera angle put the sections into context.

The combat appears to be highly cinematic and well descriptive. When Bond starts the use of the killing license, the visual style turns to be a cinematic spectacle. The hand-to-hand combat is well shown with heavy camera shakes to incorporate the gene of brutal blows and fast action of fighting in the Bourne movies, and indeed the Bourne conspiracy game.

With the incorporation of stealth kills and cover system that allows Bond to peer around corners to survey the landscape, there has been included the fighting system which can be used effectively to kill opponents and fill up slots in Bond’s FocusAim meter. The FocusAim actually causes time to slow down around Bond thus enabling him to focus more on targets, and even allowing him to perform together a few kills at once. The system seems to have been designed to encourage players to mix the ways of attacking the enemies.

The ‘breach’ moments which are similar in style to the Modern Warfare 2, have even been incorporated in good measure, which has enabled Bond to kick down doors and empty the ensuing henchmen-filled rooms in slow-motion. But, even with the total package of fighting skills, Bond is not able to catch Grecko on the frigate, who escapes on a motorboat firing rocket at Bond.

Eventually, Bond manages to capture Grecko, “and has him pinned down with a gun to his head at the intro sequence’s conclusion… cue the credits and title music (‘I’ll Take It All’) which, incidentally, is written by the voice actor and likeness for the principal Bond girl in the game, Joss Stone (who plays the role of Nicole Hunter).”

The other locations which shall be seen in the game include Bangkok, Siberia, Istanbul, and the south of France to mention but a few. The James Bond 007: Blood Stone game seems to have the potential to make it big among the other Bond video games available, and seems to interest gamers beyond being tied into a film release.

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