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John, Katrina defend intimate scenes
As the entire country waits to see what the fuss about the John-Katrina chemistry in New York is all about, reports have it that their intimate scenes in the film have given rise to some gossip.

The video of the song Mere sang was launched a few days ago, revealing that the song has a kiss and some intimate bedroom shots. Since this is Bollywood, as always, the kissing and the physicality has become an issue, forcing both John and Katrina to come to its defence.

Both Kat and John were quick to justify the relevance of the song in the film. Katrina said that the song is a part of the script and it's done in very beautiful manner. She said, "Only when you will see the film, will you realize the need for the song. The film has a space for this song. It comes in a very beautiful place. I think there is nothing offensive in it. It has been done in a very aesthetic way."

John too had a similar argument. He said, "One can't understand the sensitivity of the issue unless one watches the film. Once you see the film, you will be convinced of how beautifully the song relates to the script. It's very easy for us to look at it in isolation and say that the song is totally different from what New York is all about. But that's not the case."

The other accusation towards the song and towards the cast of the film is of course the rumour of John and Katrina's affair. Some allege that the song serves to further such false rumours, trying to create curiosity that will draw audiences to the film.

John added that he is not ready to buy the argument that the song is part of easy and sensational publicity for the film. He said, "Kabir Khan is not the kind director who needs to garner publicity for a film by such songs. There are certain directors and actors in the film industry who probably can do so. But New York in itself is so strong and credible film that it doesn't need such publicity."

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