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Key features of Epic web browser
The Epic browser is a newest Indian browser built on Mozilla platform. Epic browser has in-built anti virus scanner, word processor, hundreds of themes and wall papers and warnings about malicious websites etc. There are a number of features in this new indian web browser. Let us see what are the key features of Epic browser.

The Epic browser was created by a software company called Hidden Reflex which is based at Bangalore in INdia. Here is a list of some of the most important features of Epic browser.

# Attractive Logo: The logo of Epic browser is quite attractive. If you observe the logo of Epic browser, you can see a ball with three colours - Orange, White and Green. These are the colors available in the Indian national flag. Here is a picture of the logo of Epic browser.

A picture of Epic browser Logo

# In-built anti virus scanner: The Epic browser has an in-built anti virus scanner. I can say that Epic browser is the world's first web browser with an in-built anti virus scanner. All the downloads are scanned automatically by Epic browser. You can even scan your computer manually with Epic browser anti virus scanner. This is another nice feature of Epic browser.

# Malicious websites warnings: The Epic browser gives you a warning message if you are about to visit a website that contains malware and virus.

# Anti phishing protection: The domain names are written in big and bold lettes. So if you are visiting, you will know whether you are visiting or easily.

# Word processing feature: The Epic browser has word processing capability. Epic Write is a full fledged word processor. You can create a word document and save it as HTML file.

# Themes and Wall papers: Epic browser has more than 1500 Indian themes and wall papers. The themes and wall papers can be changed according to your taste and requirements.

# Snippets: This feature of Epic browser is useful for taking screen shots of the websites. You can select an image or a paragraph in the website and drag and drop it to the snippet side bar. that is all. The screen shot is ready.

# One click support: Epic browser has many features which can be accessed with just one click. For example, you can delete private data with a single click.

# Live cricket score and news: We know that all indians love cricket. You can get live cricket score and regional news, Live TV etc.

# Epic video: You can watch the Youtube videos directly on Epic video side bar.

# Browse your computer: Epic Computer side bar is very useful to browse the folders and files in your computer directly from your browser. It is possible to open upto 5 tabs in the Epic computer side bar.

# Timer: Epic browser has a timer feature which can be used as a stop watch.

# Browsing History: Epic browser has a private browsing icon and a clear browsing data icons in the address bar. So if you do not want the browsing history to be saved, it is posisble in Epic browser.

# Collections: You can save similar websites in a seperate collection by clicking on collection icon. To open all those websites in that collection, simply click on the collection title.

# Regional language support: Now it is possible to type in regional langauges like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi etc. in Epic browser.

# Play Games in Epic browser: You can even play games in Epic browser. Epic browser has a number of excellent games for your entertainment. You can click on 'Games' icon in the side bar to play games in Epic.

These are some of important and key features of Epic browser. Only thing about Epic browser is that it does not support all operating systems except Windows OS. So you can use Epic browser only on a Windows computer. And it is free to download
. You can also try Epic by installing it. Here are the three simple steps to download and install Epic browser in your computer.

# First visit the home page of Epic browser.

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