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Kwort Linux 2.4.1 Released - Brings support for EXT4 and important software updates
[Image: 2d6p9jk.jpg]
David Cortarello announced today the release of his Kwort Linux 2.4.1 Slackware-based distribution. "This version took a year to develop and provides a lot of changes from 2.4 release, including a new, more cleaned up than usual, base system, whole new tool chain, new configuration tools and lots of new things." David Cortarello said in the official release announcement.

Using the Linux kernel, Kwort 2.4.1 now supports more hardware components. Also, the init system was improved to provide new features while maintaining simplicity. Kwort Linux 2.4.1 is using the latest 4.6 version of the lightweight Xfce desktop environment. The kpkg package manager received some new features as well, like
support for multi-mirror setups.

Highlights of Kwort Linux 2.4.1:

· Linux kernel;
· EXT4 filesystem support;
· Xfce 4.6 desktop environment;
· An improved Kwort User Manager to simplify the user creation process;
· Kwort Network Manager was rebuilt for a more efficient connection management;
· The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) 2.6.4;
· Firefox 3.0.7 Web Browser;
· Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Beta2 email application;
· Ristretto 0.0.21 Image Viewer;
· 3.0.0 office productivity suite;
· Xfburn 0.4.1 CD/DVD burning tool;
· Audacious 1.5.1 audio player;
· Pidgin 2.5.5 multi-protocol instant messaging client;
· aMule 2.2.3 Peer-to-Peer client;
· Dia 0.96.1 diagram drawing program.

About Kwort Linux

Kwort Linux is a free operating system based on the popular Slackware distribution, providing a modern look on top of a simple and stable base. Kwort Linux includes many popular software packages and also comes with its own customized applications for various uses.

Download Kwort Linux 2.4.1 right now from here.

Kwort Linux 2.4.1 (ISO)

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