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LED Bulbs- Best Power Saver, Reduce Electricity Bills Consumption
Tata Power, Reliance Energy and Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) keep on increasing their billing unit rates. The rates are also higher for higher unit consumption slab-wise like 0 to 100 units, 101 to 200 units and so on. So consumers are forced to pay nearly Rs1000 per month electric bill for a 2BHK flat.

So is there any solution to reduce consumption? The answer is yes and the electricity units consumption can be brought down thereby reducing power bills.

Try using the new Philips, Osram, Wipro, SSK Syska, Fionn, BTREE LED bulbs with diffused lighting and good light intensity. These features of these bulbs are:
  • Low power consumption with high brightness (4 Watt bulb has 320 lumens brightness, 5 Watt bulb has 400 lumens, 10 Watt bulb has 800 lumens).
  • Eco-friendly - No Mercury, Lead, Glass or harmful substances used as done in CFL/Tubelights.
  • Wide working Voltage from 85 Volts to 265 Volts due to SMPS based LED driver.
  • Resistant to damage from spikes and surges in AC mains line.
  • Does not get spoilt like CFL or tubelight blackening even after years of use.
  • Long-life of 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours (no replacement needed for 10 to 15 years).
  • Bulb does not heat up, just turns a little warm after many hours of use.
  • Fits in existing B22 type Indian bulb holder socket, so installation is very easy. Just remove CFL, Tubelight plug and insert this LED bulb in.

The cost of LED bulb around Rs200 for 4W to Rs700 for 10W is a discouraging factor, but in the long run its very cost effective. Also buying in bulk, you can avail discounts from sellers.

I have bought many LED bulbs of 4W, 5W with Samsung White LED SMD chips and replaced 40W Tubelights, 11W CFLs in all the rooms. Now there is just 1/10th power consumption for me.
See pic below:

[Image: LIeGyp.jpg]

To be continued with more details and research on LED based lighting...
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i'm using this led bulbs from last year, the most disadvantage of this bulbs are heat and regular damage of led bulbs and now i manage to light up my home with self made led light working with 12v and very reasonable because with a help of 12v 7amp bat i'm using 42led light with cover and getting 3days backup for 3 lights, if permitted can upload pics of full setup with solar charging facility
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(09-26-2013, 05:04 PM)biswanandand Wrote: i'm using this led bulbs from last year, the most disadvantage of this bulbs are heat and regular damage of led bulbs

But these bulbs have good heatsinks. They fail only if installed in enclosures like closed table lamp or chandelier (Jhummer in Hindi) lights.

Each LED inside needs 3 Volts, 350 mAmps to work. Running without proper heatsink will damage the bulb in few seconds.

I am using these bulbs since Jan 2013, no issues till now even after using 5 hours everyday from 6pm to 11pm.
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