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Let Discovery Science show you 'How It's Made'
Mumbai, April 09, 2010: Have you ever wondered how the products you use every day are made? Or what sparked off the invention of a harmonica or a pack of playing cards? Discovery Science's premiere series How It's Made takes you behind the scenes to reveal the ins and outs of these and other everyday items. Don't be surprised if you find yourself appreciating things a little more after you have witnessed all the hard work that goes into making the seemingly simple things in life.

How It's Made will premiere on Discovery Science every Friday at 9:30 pm, starting 9th April.

There are many incredible things in this world that we take for granted. Perhaps it is because they are commonplace or that we are just too used to seeing them around. However, each of these unapologetically mundane items has a fascinating story behind it, and HOW IT'S MADE unravels their stories by visiting dozens of workshops and factories, witnessing the technology that turns raw materials into finished products right before your very eyes.

Commenting on the programme, Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager, India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, "Discovery Science presents a new exploratory series HOW IT'S MADE which dwells into the technology behind most common, yet essential objects we use in our daily lives. The series will amaze viewers as they will discover that many of the simple things have unusual history and processes behind them."

The show explores everything from binoculars to washing machines and decorative eggs to baseball gloves and cuckoo clocks. Though not the most expensive or coveted objects, they play a common - and often essential - role in our daily lives, and many of these objects also come with a baffling history. Pairing the little-known origins with an exclusive journey of the manufacturing process, HOW IT'S MADE is all about appreciating the wonders behind commonplace items that many of us can't do without.

Did you know?
" That in a pinball machine, a massive amount of wiring snakes between the controller board and the rest of the machine? Over 800 meters of wire is required to carry commands back and forth between the main board and the flippers, bumpers, targets and ramps.

" You know those paper cups that allow you to have your morning coffee? Well, they were actually invented to stop the spreading of diseases.

" And although there's nothing quite like the scenic experience of traveling in a hot air balloon, they can't really be steered and can only travel as fast as the wind blows.

" Aluminum foil has a multitude of uses, from heating something up in the oven to keeping something cold in the fridge. But have you ever wondered how a huge block of solid aluminum gets transformed into a paper thin sheet of foil? The manufacturing of aluminum foil requires the repeated thinning out of a large block of aluminum, which begins by melting ingots of a hundred percent pure aluminum in a natural gas furnace. These ingots called pigs are essential in alloys with zinc, titanium, and silica. It takes three to eight hours to melt 27,000 kilos of aluminum in this re-melting furnace which operates at 750 degrees centigrade.

Some of the episodes in the series include:

Learn how pneumatic impact wrenches, cultured marble sinks, plantain chips , and NASCAR stock cars are made.
Learn how Jaws of Life, artificial Christmas trees, soda crackers, and ratchets are made.
Discover how thermometers, produce scales, aircraft painting, and luxury chocolates are made.
See how carburetors, air conditioners, and sugar are made.
Find out how combination wrenches, deli meats, golf carts, and airships are made.
Discover how carbon fiber car parts, hand dryers, recycled polyester yarn, and fleece are made.
Learn how police badges, rum, car washes, and pressure gauges are made.
See how metal detectors, muffins, Tiffany reproductions, and aircraft engines are made.
Discover how riding mowers, popcorn, adjustable beds, and cultured diamonds are made.
See how Airstream trailers, horseradish, industrial steam boilers, and deodorant are made.


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