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Log on to to find your lost luggage
#1 to find your lost luggage" title="Log on to to find your lost luggage" width="188" height="133" align="left" />Melbourne, May 14: A new website launched by a woman, who has made it her life's mission to buy lost luggage, allows travellers to view the items online.
[Image: isthisyourluggage301.jpg]
Though the pictures can sometimes reveal many embarrassing things about its owner, for British woman Luna Laboo it is only being done in the hopes of reuniting the owners with their bags.

Laboo said the idea for the site, www. isthisyourluggage. com, came to her six months ago after hearing about luggage going missing at Heathrow's Terminal 5 in London, which at the time had lost 20,000 bags.

"I began to wonder where all the lost luggage was going. I found the auction where the luggage was being sold off and went along to buy a case," News. com. au quoted Laboo as saying.

"I thought I''d maybe buy one just to see what was in them, but there is something incredibly intriguing about other peoples things. I took the photos as I thought this would be the best way to appreciate the contents as a whole," she said.

The luggage can cost between 35 dollars and 90 dollars at auction, and provides Laboo with hours of priceless "excitement".

She is hopeful that the lost luggage will eventually find its way back to its owners, though this is yet to happen, and she says she will only charge the owner postage fees for returning the luggage.

"I wouldn''t expect them to pay, maybe for the cost of postage but nothing else, I''m not holding it to ransom, just looking after it," she added.

Laboo has bought 11 bags so far, and plans to keep buying more lost luggage and continue to expand her website, which lets people rifle through others' lost luggage online by simply clicking on a suitcase to see what's inside. (ANI)
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