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Making low-cost, light-weight, portable C/Ku-band dish antenna
Dear friends,

Me and my Facebook friends are toying with the idea of making a semi-compact, low-cost, light-weight and portable 5 feet (152.4cm) C/Ku-band prime-focus antenna. This is primarily aimed at home or domestic users. It can be easily made and used by satellite / dth hobbyists and enthusiasts.

We will post the steps to make it, materials & tools needed, pics of complete assembled dish. Also we will review the signal strength/quality, performance of the antenna, limitations etc.

This will be handy to people who stay on rent as it can be dismantled easily and carried elsewhere or kept away packed. The reception will be quite decent almost comparable to professionally built system.
So keep watching... We will present this soon. (Thanks to all my friends who were fed up of devotional channels and inspired me to make this.)

The assembled reflector without the Stand/LNB arm will look like this:

[Image: we9qtyjvrywsuwbag1l3.jpg]

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So Step 1: Calculating and Plotting of the Parabola.

My dish is 5 feet in diameter and it is prime focus. I am going to double the offset focus curve that I have plotted by using co-ordinates below.

Next: I will post the final curve plotted on a newspaper.

[Image: 2gopl3o6kx1jzn1j5ffs.jpg]

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Really nice efforts Mr.Vinay. :happy:

Hope it will encourage new users to take satellite / dth as their new hobby.
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V.Good post, and hope your product bcomes popular.. Smile
One doubt, the dish in the picture is mesh type, and will it be OK for ku band signals...?
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.. for tomorrow never comes.. live today!!!
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For Ku-band, we will use a non-perforated reflector surface.
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Step 2: Some more calculations for the intermediate points of the curve and the final plotting on a newspaper.

[Image: yg4hw9uuajkyya7l2ud.jpg]

Plotting the curve on the x and y axes:
[Image: sgcn59ate4lw6suvax99.jpg]

Join the points to form the final curve:
[Image: h5j4lvmnspnw5ha145uk.jpg]
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The full dish curve, LNB arm length, dish depth along with LNB placement

[Image: h10e5uhmkkhifo19e5z.jpg]

Next: Bending the Aluminium ribs along this curve.
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Hello Dear,

We need a C BAND downlink antenna specifications as follows :
Diameter of Antenna : 12/24 d/rids Aluminum Antenna.

Specifications we require :
12/24 d/ribs C band Alum. High grade antenna
Wiring & Cabling & connectors 100 Mtr 20P/Mtr 2000
Feed horn C band Dual (V+H)
L.N.B C band (V+H)
Special LNB if T.I interference occurred
With Special Band Pass Filter (Norsat)
Mpeg-4 S2 HD with PVR (model 9300) STB
Mpeg-4 S2 HD with PVR & RJ45. STB
Include Cam and Card Slot, Ethernet Port.
it is for SATELLITE DOWNLINK to download the direct video for live streaming.

We need this facility to record live streaming from various TV Channels associated with us
Your response awaited ASAP.


Moderation Note

Revealind Mail ID & Contact Number in open forum is not allowed here for your safety. The deails are sent thro PM to Mr. Vinay Kumar. Pl allow him some time for response

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with which set top box we can hack pay channels on c or ku band.
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would the focal point be 55cm for 160cm dish?
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