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Max effect: IPL 2 extended by 10 minutes for sponsors
The duration of the Indian Premier League (IPL) season two could just be longer than the usual as their are plans to have two additional breaks and extend the duration of the match by 10 minutes. Under the current ICC rules, the T20 game is a three-hour affair with only one interval of 15 minutes between the two innings.

Ten minutes will not have much of an issue for an average spectator, but for Multi Screen Media (MSM) India, the broadcaster of the event, it means megabucks. The five-minute breaks to be squeezed in between each innings is aimed to rake in more advertising slots, which in turn will net more money.

The commercial move, which could fetch the broadcaster nearly $ 5 million, will be given a completely cricketing makeover by converting it into a rule wherein captains could use that time to regroup and redraw strategies.

The plan is a part of the BCCI-MSM India deal that was renegotiated recently. The fact that the 10 minute break per match will be used primarily for commercial purposes has also been inked in the deal.

Media reports suggest that as against the estimated commercial air-time of 2000 seconds per match last season, this time MSM India would get 2600 seconds. This is one major reason why there was a strong emphasis on targeting the prime time television audience in India while the schedule was being finalized in South Africa.

For the moment, the answers will have to wait because the official word isn't out as yet. Rohit Gupta, president, network and sales, MSM India, says, "I haven't heard of any such development."

Recently, MSM India renegotiated the broadcast rights with BCCI last week for a whopping $ 1.6 billion for nine years as compared to the amount of $ 918 million paid by World Sports Group (WSG) for 10 years.

A $ 5 million venture ? Going by the current market rates, a 10 second ad slot is likely to fetch the broadcaster close to Rs 4 lakh. Thus, a 10 minute break will net Rs 24 lakh. Multiply it by 59, the number of matches that will be played in IPL Season 2, and we get a whopping Rs 23.6 crore or $ 5 million.

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