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Movie Reviews
Guys please put all Movies Reviews in this thread from today onwards

Ready: Movie review

Cast: Salman Khan, Asin, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal, Puneet Issar, Mahesh Manjrekar

Directed by Anees Bazmee


Whistle-blowers rejoice! Salman is back and this time he's ditched his belt to fiddle inside his pant pockets (read: Dhinka Chika, in case you don't have a television set at home). The thing with Salman's films is that they're in a genre of their own. A genre that cannot be graded for the story, screenplay, performances or any other metric used to evaluate other films. They can just be enjoyed or suffered, depending upon the elasticity of your tolerance. I hope you would consider this vague disclaimer before reading this review and before going to watch this monsoon musical.

But you're on this page hoping to get an idea about this film, so let's get down to business. The film is about a spoilt brat called Prem (the 14th time Salman has used this as a screen name) and his annoyingly happy family. Prem's daddy, Rajveer Kapoor (Mahesh Manjrekar) has the memory of a goldfish and he constantly portrays his disability by making vulgar physical and oral gestures to describe anything he can't re-collect. Prem also has two uncles and aunts who live together with them in their sprawling mansion spanning across Thailand, Sri Lanka and Filmcity, Goregaon. There's also a random elderly neighbour who is invariable lurking about at the Kapoor household (the only way to get into the frame?).

Anyway, the film becomes a pickled mess when a girl on the run, Sanjana (Asin) lands up at the Kapoor residence, in the guise of Prem's prospective bride. Predictably, she wins everyone's hearts with her clichéd tactics (morning bhajans, respect for elders, disrespect for Prem etc). Now, Sanjana has a dark past and even darker relations, comprising a bevy of assorted villains from the past and present who flaunt every wig in the costume box. Some of them include, Bade Mama (Sharad Saxena), Chote Mama (Akhilendra Mishra), Bade Dada (Puneet Issar) and few other non-descript Bollywood henchmen.

In Hindi films, if the good doesn't reign over evil, it can atleast trick evil into switching sides. So, the Kapoors devise the most ridiculous plan (not even worth mentioning here) to get the Chaudharys (Sanjana's uncles) to indulge in some soul cleansing, beginning with chopping off their 'chotis' (the root of all evil?).

After several songs, excessive hamming and dialogues like "Iska koi resort nahin. Isse acha hain ki aap resort book karlo" and "In that case, mere paas aaja mere suitcase", you just want to dhinka chika yourself out of the movie hall. But the movie refuses to end, as unnecessary confusions and complications pile up and you wonder if there's enough reel left to clear it all up. Luckily, your prayers are answered as this movie ends like a school play, with the dim-witted criminals realizing they've wronged and swearing to mend their ways. Sigh.

'Dhinka Chika' will surely win enough whistles and 'Character Dheela' will leave many gasping. But if you're expecting a laugh-a-thon, then you're in the wrong movie. Salman gives in his 10 percent and packages it off with 200 percent confidence and style. Asin could surely get a chance to dub for the next Chip 'n' Dale film, in case her acting career doesn't fall in place.

When you exit this film, there will be little you will take away from it, apart from Salman's pocket-fiddling and bum rubbing dance moves. But then if Anees Bazmee was interested in making meaningful cinema, he would've demonstrated the same in "No Entry", "Welcome" or "Thank You". How about, "No, Thank You" for his next multi-starrer-no-brainer?

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Agneepath review

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra
Directed by Karan Malhotra
Rating: **


A Bollywood remake is like a second child. It cannot avoid being compared to the first and invariably ends up inheriting the inferior traits of the original. This is classically true in the case of ‘Agneepath’ – a box office bummer of the 90s, remembered for the cult clearing of throat between, before and after lines gargled out by the legendary screen gangster, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (VDC). This one (thankfully) steers clear of clearing of throat but ends up being a puzzled mix of contemporary and Eastman-coloured cinema.

Our journey into the mid-eighties begins suitably with VDC (Hrithik Roshan) as a toddler with a head full of curls (every child actor of the time looked like a baby Tendulkar). Following the original, his idealist school teacher father ends up being falsely maligned and then mercilessly wasted by a fierce goon Kancha (Sanjay Dutt), who looks like an overweight Voldemort with a nose job. Not following the original, Kancha doesn’t go on to become a Godfather of APAC proportions and restricts himself to the tiny village/ island/ cocaine factory location of Mandwa. Like any minor from Hindi films who has seen his father being choked to death, VDC swears to return to Mandwa one day and teach everyone a lesson. Oh yes, the Mandwa-ites join Kancha in ripping VDC’s dad apart.

VDC grows up to become a muscular mafia don under the keen kohl-smeared eyes of Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor), the mai-baap, the man of all wrong-doings, Mumbai ka king, most wanted criminal and every other adjective in between. VDC is also oddly fathered by an ant hill-nosed commissioner (Om Puri) who overlooks his misdemeanors for his charitable and social efforts (he sponsors many ambulance vans). Now the premise of this story is to take revenge. But what is baffling is how VDC, who is otherwise conniving (he ousts Lala to take over the throne), gets mauled by Kancha when he approaches him with a business proposition.

It’s easy to assume the rest of the story, so let’s get into the tiny illogical holes in the script. The commissioner of police is portrayed as a tough cop who is married to his job. But when briefing the home minister about VDC, he covers his charities, his permanent address, his nature of work and every micro details of his life but only has a childhood photo in his records. Some nose for detail! Then again, when this top cop goes to visit VDC in the hospital, he bumps into Lala and his ‘chelas’ crowding outside the OT. His immediate response: ‘Disperse! This is no place to stand about!’ How about arresting the most-wanted ‘bhai’ of Mumbai? Lastly, we have the oldest B’wood cliché: the hero never dies. Not before being stabbed and smashed a million times, not before sputtering his last few lines with a constipated expression, breaking only to spit blood.

The biggest dilemma of remaking a movie is how much to retain and what to retain. If the new story takes violent shifts, you lose the audience who came to revisit the original. If you photocopy scene-by-scene, you risk failing to connect with the audience who is accustomed to present sensibilities. The only safe bet: a ‘khichdi’ of the past and the present, like this one.

Hrithik completely absorbs his character and makes the outdated elements about the original character acceptable if not commendable. Sanjay Dutt strongly believes that evil can only be portrayed by cackling about idiotically and he does just that through the film. Luckily, his appearance manages to evoke just the right amount of fear. Priyanka Chopra’s role is quite inconsequential and she usually pops up in the many desi dance numbers. Unfortunately for her, the only number that anyone cares about features the sparkling and energetic Katrina Kaif as Chikni Chameli.


Just after sucking the last strand of life out of the bald Kancha, VDC cried out, ‘Baba!!!’ as an ode to his father. This is funny since that also happens to be Dutt’s pet name and he plays a black sheep here too.

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Ghost review

Cast: Shiney Ahuja, Sayali Bhagat, Julia Bliss
Directed by Puja Jatinder Bedi
Rating: Full moon, no stars


‘The past never dies, it kills’ is a promise made on the poster of this film and that for one, is well-fulfilled. Step out of the screen and you will find your brain cells ready to be zipped up like a carcass in a body bag. ‘Ghost’ follows the most reliable format for Indian horror films: Bhoot is evil; God isn’t and if you pray hard enough or atleast pretend to believe in good over evil, God will take the time out to smash evil’s nose. And as a bonus, we not only have chalk-faced spirits cackling around noisily, we also have the almighty himself sashaying in his biblical robe through dark corridors, managing very well in not tripping over.


The film begins with a mythological TV show voiceover, announcing the beginning of time or end of good times or something very prophetic that you won’t be bothered to care about. What you would care about is the following unaesthetic potty sex scene between a doctor and a nurse (no kinky role-play, we’re really in a hospital).


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All of these movies are good but I like Ready Because Salman Khan is my Favorite Actor. And Ready is a full comedy movie and my son also like this movie.
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Viswaroopam Movie review.

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I like Agneepath and ready movie. Songs of Agneepath are very nice. Also i like Hindi Ghazals, Hindi Songs, Hollywood movies.

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