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Nepalese Pay-TV operator opts for card-ess DTH technology
Nepal's first national DTH satellite network has begun transmission and simultaneously placed an order with Latens and Indieon to enhance its monitoring and security options.

Dish TV, operated by Kathmandu-based Dish Media Network, and broadcast via Intelsat, will now provide subscribers with up to 80 channels of both Nepalese and English-language content, from its uplink facility at Mercantile.

Latens software conditional access system (CAS) and Indieon STB, combined with Indieon Middleware provides features such as interactive electronic programme guides, pay-per-view, near video-on-demand, localised advertising and information services.

The Nepalese operator plans to change the way films and content are viewed and consumed by using USB-PVR across the population. With another 40 channels slated for next year, including exclusive cricket broadcasts in HD, Dish TV is expecting 700,000 subscribers in five years - about 50 per cent of the addressable population.

"We made a conscious choice to go with [the cardless technology] as it helped us monetise much faster at a fraction of the cost in the most secure manner," explained Laxmi Paudiyal, Managing Director, Dish TV. "This will help up break even much faster and give our shareholders greater returns and, of course, the subscribers would get to view digital pay-TV in all its completeness."

Rahul Nehra, Regional Director, Asia for Latens Systems, said: "Cardless solutions have been the talk of the town but this is amongst the first real implementation across the globe. The operator saves more than 60% on the card and logistics and more than 75% over the traditional year-long painful swaps, which cost the operator time, money and subscribers. Software CAS substantially enhances security against smart card sharing or cloning. The operator can now actually for the first time, perhaps, control his business from a security and access point of view."


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