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New Microsoft Bing Release Focuses on Entertaining You
[Image: img_232422_bing-movies_450x360.jpg] [Image: img_232432_bing-gaming.jpg]

The New Bing Entertainment Experience helps you make quick and easy decisions on your favorite ways to have fun — music, games, TV and movies. Available at or, Bing has visually organized a variety of entertainment information in one place so you can spend less time searching and more time doing.

Ultra-easy: Access to the world’s best entertainment choices is just a search box away. There are no sign-ins, no strange downloads.

Recent survey results from reveal that 76 percent of survey takers indicate a desire for one online destination designed to help cut through the clutter and get to the fun stuff faster. Some of the ways people can save time with the comprehensive service offered by Bing and stop searching for fun so they can enjoy the night instead include the following:
Music. You can now search for the lyrics that are going through your head, and in one click find the song, learn the words, listen to the full song for free and even buy it — for more than 5 million full-length songs.
Date night. When you’re ready for a night out, you don’t want to spend more time planning your night than enjoying it. Bing makes it easy to find the movie you want to see, read tweets from your friends about the new releases, check traffic, find turn-by-turn directions, decide on the perfect restaurant and find the best place to park.
Gaming. If you want to school your friends in your favorite online or casual games, Bing has you covered. From cheats and walkthroughs to the best tips and tricks, you’ll find it on Bing. You can also play more than 100 games without downloading, signing in or risking spyware.

Specific Features of Bing Entertainment
Bing Music. Seventy-eight percent of people use search to find song lyrics, and 82 percent search to look up songs or artists. More and more people are purchasing music online, and most people like to hear a song before they purchase it. Bing Music has you covered — letting you discover and hear more than 5 million full-length songs and find lyrics for free. Bing offers complete search results, including songs, artists, albums and hard-to-find lyrics. Bing offers the ability to purchase with one click from Zune, iTunes or Amazon, as well as purchasing concert tickets quickly and easily.
Bing Games. There are 174 million gamers in the United States and 63 percent of people use search for gaming-related information. Bing offers a unique aggregation of gaming reviews, cheats and walkthroughs that make it easy to pick your favorite game or become a better gamer. With walkthroughs and cheats, it’s easier than ever to up your game and school your friends. In addition, nearly 100 casual games are available for one-click, in-line play, including “Bejeweled,” “Hexic” and “Bubble Town.” Even more games are available by searching for a specific game title in the Bing search bar or by browsing the full list of games on the Bing Entertainment page. Once you have selected a game, you can invite your friends to play right from the gaming experience.
Bing TV. People spend 83 hours watching TV and online video every single month, with more than 30 percent of people watching all of their TV episodes online. Bing offers more than 1,500 TV shows and 20,000 full-length TV episodes, TV listings, and easy access to episodes, reviews, images and more. Bing lets you watch your favorite TV episodes from a comprehensive collection of video with partners such as Hulu LLC, Viacom Inc., CBS Corp. and more — all in one place. Many of your favorite shows are available in high definition, along with user reviews and the ability to invite your friends to watch using Facebook, Twitter or other social tools.
Bing Movies. Each month, 88 percent of people search to look up movies, and 40 percent search for movie trailers, all in the quest for the perfect night out. Bing helps you decide which movie to see with visual search, customer reviews, in-line movie trailers, highlight videos, one-click ticket purchasing and more. Combining this with the power of the other Bing decision tools such as mapping, traffic, local listings and even local parking lot locations, planning a night out at the cinema has never been easier.

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