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Now you can Change your packages at Anytime.
One Very good News. Now, you can change your packages of Airtel Digital TV at any time any day within 2 mins, at anytime at anyday , at any moment. The Billing cycle system i.e. 25-26 system has now beeen callled off.

For Eg :-

1) If I am suppose subscribe to ULTRA PACK in Airtel, (Rs 424) package, And I think i don't want to continue with this pack.
But this was not earlier possible, you need to wait for a month to change the package.
Now see, If I am subscribe to ULTRA PACK, and I want to shift to Economy pack , then I can Call Customer care at 18001028080, And tell them I am subscribe to ULTRA PACK , and I want to shift to Economy pack , or any other Package also you can shift like Super value or Mega or any other. OK. This package will get change within 2 min after your request to customer care.

2) But, If you think after shifing to Economy Pack or any other pack, If you think I again want to shift to UTRA pack , then 100% it is possible , just call again at the same number 18001028080 and tell them to change your packages to UTRA package. There is no problem if u change your packages withing 1 day or 10 hours or 2 hours or 1 hours. You can chage your packages at any time . This is one of the best think.

Regarding Topups :-

1} Suppose, if you are subscribe to Economy pack or any other package , and if you think I need to subscirbe to some Topups, Guys don't worry this is also possiible. From now on, there is no lock in period for any of the Topup packages. One of the finest thing ever in DTH.
For Eg (1) :- There is a match going on Between Australia and England , The match started just yesterday, i.e. on 16th July , the match would probably get over on Monday i.e 20th July. right.
So, you can subscribe to Star cricket Topup at RS 22 per month or ESPN plus at Rs 49 incl Taxes, and you again unsubscribe to these channels on Monday i.e.20th July , when the match get over , bcoz after that you don't need these channel ,provided that you watch only cricket matches on these channels.

Eg 2 :- Suppose, There is match starting between Pakistan - Srianka from 20th July , Monday, you can subscirbe to the Tensport Topup at Just Rs 17 incl Taxes, on the match day , and you can again unsubscribe frm the package.

Eg 3:- Not only for Sports topup packs, You can do this for other Topup packs also. Means you can susberibe to anytopup package , and you don't like continuing them you can unsubscribe from the packages at anytime. With no hidden cost or extra cost.

Important Notes :-

******* The billing cycle system has now been called off i.e. 25-26 system. And another system has been Implemented which can be called has Subscribe to any packages & unsubscribe from it at anytime at any cost.

******** Now you just subscribe to the repected tooup packegs and unsuberibe from it whenever you want , For Eg :- When is the match is started you can subscribe to it and you can again unsubribe from it.

******* All the packages are charged on a daily basis , which was earlier also present , Means the cost of ULTA PACK is RS 424 per month (You get charged approx Rs 14 per day). or for Espn topup the cost is Rs 49 per month i.e. Rs 1.63.
credit goes to bilal from sod
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Thanx ananya,u gave very important news for digital tv user.
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I think it is really good news for Airtel Digital tv viewers. Thanks Ananya for the newsSmileSmile
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