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Oriental Yeti Found Live in China
[Image: yeti.jpg] [Image: oriental-yeti-2.jpg]

After appearing from the ancient woodlands in remote central China, a mysterious hairless creature dubbed the live ‘Oriental Yeti’ has mystified scientists. It seems to boggle the mind of scientists.

Hunters trapped the bizarre looking beast in Sichuan region then it was reported spotting the creature from locals. They thought it was a bear. It has been shipped by Stumped local animal experts and this mysterious creature will be examined (for DNA tests) by scientists in Beijing.

Some think that it is weird-looking animal, but some say it is a Binturong with mange. The Telegraph quoted Hunter Lu Chin explained: “It looks a bit like a bear but it doesn’t have any fur and it has a tail like a kangaroo. It also does not sound like a bear – it has a voice more like a cat and it is calling all the time – perhaps it is looking for the rest of its kind or maybe it’s the last one? There are local legends of a bear that used to be a man and some people think that’s what we caught.”

The DNA tests will shed light on the mystery beast, it is hoped. The Times headline writer writes ‘it “looks like a bear without fur”.

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