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Predict The Future of DTH!!
Hello Friends Now one of the Biggest sectors in Indian Industry is DTH sector.

There is Tough competition between the 6 operators now.
So what will be the Future of DTH in the Next five years..??

Comment on this

First my comment on this

In the next five years we may experience lots of changes. I suppose atleast one DTH operator will leave the DTH business due to heavy losses

High Defenition content channels might be the key factor to choose a DTH operator

DTH operators may have minimum of 20 - 25 Transponders with them. the minimum amount of channels ranges from 400 - 450...

All DTH operators will provide HD , HD - DVR , DVD , HD - DVD and Their own Brand LCD/LED tv's

3D technology will make a revolution in the market ...At this same date after 5 years DTH's might have ESPN 3D , Cartoon network 3D , HBO 3D etc.,.

at that time a New DTH operator will Emerge with Mpeg 6 or Mpeg 8 Compression Technology with DvB s4 technology!!

Now coming to Each DTH companies::

DIshtv - At last fulfilling the promise of providing 400 channels with neo boquet!!:mdr:

Tata(sky :: Base pack price Rs.1000 pm, Cosmo pack includes channels like Star plus , Colours and other Important channels Cost just Rs.500 pm!!:yahoo:

Reliance Bigtv :: Reliance Bigtv to soon launch 20 more of their own BIG group of Channels!!After Nat Geo HD Bigtv will add Discovery HD soon, tells Bigtv CEO!! Confusedleep1:

Airtel Digital TV :: Might provide Radio Mirchi in TV!! after worldspace !!:mdr1:

Sun Direct :: Base pack Rs.100 includes all sun channels
all other channels are available as Add ons!! Other add ons include USA,France , Italy , Australia after customers have taken Venus, Mercury , neptune , pluto :hysterical:

D2h:: All channels pack Rs.500 , might be the only DTH still to provide FTA channels from other satellites at a cost of Rs.50 only
So what the new Guy will offer

X DTH :: with the latest Mpeg 6 DvB S4 technology we provide exceptional picture Quality the First DTH to provide Discovery & ESPN in 3D !!:cool2:
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this is the real future of dth industry which u have written.but u have written at least one dth operator will leave the dth business in next few is totally wrong.i like ur comments on next few years tatasky will increase its monthly pack to 1000.
try to findout ur own destiny
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Ok But see due to the Excessive Losses in the industry that Might happen!

I just predicted my thoughts on the DTH industry

Comments are welcome!:up:
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Hmm... atleast TataSky will be the DTH leader by that time surely amongst technical lovers Smile Dish TV will be the front runner in package prices , D2H will be in our history book ,BIG TV is running but not as favourite as others ,Amazingly Airtel Digital TV will offer its service to Mobile custemors at 50% or free STB for Rs. 1000 /- Top ups ,Finally SD will offer its SUN channels free for 6 month recharge of 1000/- Rs. its only my prediction and please dont argue about this.
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My Prediction is D2H will launch 3D LED Satellite TV &they may LCD TV free with stb Confusedtoned:. Sun Direct will close their operations:up: . TATA(SKY will be the market leader , they will launch 3D HD services within next 2 years:jump: . Airtel Digital TV will give tough competition to Tata(Sky . BIG TV & Dish tv will be in a huge loss , :hysterical:
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