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Procedure to get rid of iNews Logo on NDTV 24x7, NDTV Profit,etc
Hi Friends, :basket:
I have found out a method to get rid of the Press Red Button shortcut to particular interactive services because it can prove sometimes to be irritating when we wish to read something which gets blocked.So while just fiddling with ADTV, I found out a method to get rid of the Logos disturbing the viewers.
The procedure goes as follows-
1> Go to channel 305 (NDTV Profit)
2> When you see the Launch iNews Shortcut button then press it.
3> iNews will launch
4> Now Click on the 2nd Horizontal window
5> It will ask you whether you wish to exit from iNews or something
6> Press OK
7> When you return on the channel, press OK
8> Now Press Exit
9> Again Press Exit & hey Presto the Logo vanishes until you re-tune to that channel.

The same procedure applies for channel 301(NDTV 24x7)

If you wish to get rid of the logo coming on the Channel 999(Help Channel),then simply navigate to that channel,press Red button, help application will launch,then simply press Exit button & the logo vanishes away.

I hope so my procedure is an innovative one & it proves to be useful to my friends.

Thank You.

Bye Bye :jump: :happy: :jump:
Thanks given by:

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