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Record-Breaking Bugs Top 5
The Goliath Beetle
[Image: Goliath_Beetle.jpg]
The Goliath Beetle is known to be one of the largest, and heaviest, insects in terms of weight and bulk. Goliath Beetles are native to the tropics in Africa, and sub tropics. They survive on fruits and tree sap or any foods high in sugar .The goliath beetle ( from the scarab ) can reach up to 5.9 inches long or (150 milimeters), and weight in excess of 100 grams. This insect by far has been chosen as the worlds number one insect as the heaviest and largest. Also note the markings on their shells are unique and striking.

The Giant Stick
[Image: giant-stick.jpg]
The Stick insect has it’s reputation for being one of the worlds longest insects. The Stick has efficient natural camouflages, as it resembles the twigs from where it lives. These insects were often called “walking sticks” and size varies from a half inch, (11.6 millimeters) of North America to the very long 13 inch-long (328 millimeter) long from Borneo. Stretched out this gentle giant can reach lengths of 21 inches, or (55 centimeters), thus making it one of the worlds longest insects.

The Stick insect is found mostly in tropics and subtropics in forests and grasslands, and feed on leaves. They spend most of their day motionless because they are nocturnal.

The Cicada
[Image: cicada.jpg]

The Cicada can produce a song that can reach 120 decibels, close to a level that can damage human ear drums. Fortunately the mating and life spans run in cycles. The Cicada will borrow underground for nearly two decades, approximately 17 years. They will invade the midwestern US states and swarms will fill the air. Day and night, they will chirp their songs and mate, and prevent many from sleep. These insects are famous for their rare appearances and powerful voices.

The Australian Dragonfly/Damselfly
[Image: damselfly.jpg]

The Dragonfly is rich in history being nearly 300 million years old. Their estimated top speed is approximately 30 to 70 km/h or (19 to 38 mph). Dragonflies start their life in water, therefore commonly found near lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, canals, swamps and even mud puddles. Due to their flight abilities they can also be found far from water. They are good to have around as they feast on midgies and mosquitos, and aquatic insect larvae. The dragonflies sensitivity to poor water quality make them important bioindicators, very few will live, mate or develop near poor quality waters. Dragonfliesand Dameselflies are found worldwide.

The Mosquito
[Image: mosquito.jpg]
The mosquitoes have been around for over 100 million years and diversified into about 3,000 species.The life-spam of a female is 3 to 100 days, on average, and the male only lives 10 to 20 days. Only the females bite, because they need a blood meal to support their eggs. Otherwise they feed on flower nectar, juices and other decaying organic matter. The mosquito cannot see very well, and don’t hone in on someone until they are about 10 feet,or 30 meters away from target. They must use highly sensititive thermal receptors in their antennae to locate blood near the surface of skin. They are considered among the deadliest of insects because of mosquito- born diseases . Worldwide, more than any other single factor, mosquito-borne diseases kill more people. They are carriers of malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever in humans and reported cases of encephalitis in the US. Thet also transmit to cats and dogs the heart worm.

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